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2006.12.31 10:35 a.m.

Well. I feel ill. Again. Except there's no good reason for this right now. Hmm bel.

I went out on the town with Gill and Jaris Friday. We really lit it up. It was my last day working with them and Jaris found out that Gill and I were going out together at night. So we decided to all go for dinner first.
We went to the Freehouse. Which wasn't as delicious as I'd hoped. But whatevers. Where do people eat in Saskatoon? For a city that has that has the most restaurants per capita.. I'm sure not aware of which are the best or even which ones are any good.

I've never eaten at Amigos. I'm going to have to before I go. People are incredulous when I say I haven't.

After dinner we went to Amigos for the band swap. A whole lot of local bands all put their members names into a hat and then they drew names to form six new bands. And then they had 24 hours to rehearse and then they performed a randomly-selected cover as well as some new material.
What a good idea.

Gill, Jaris, and I van-drank though. Worst idea ever. And we're all such, such bad influences on each other. Hardcore bad news. Usually about six drinks is enough for me. I had much much more than that. I don't really know how much. But we had a lot of liquor and mixes and cups in the van - our own bar pretty much. And Jaris kept yelling that we had to "push hard", etc.
I missed most of the show on account of being too drunk to see. That sucks. I'm sure it was a really good show. They fuckin played "No Diggity", which we listen to at BJ every day. And pretty much everyone I've ever known was there. It was very dreamy. I think I was hanging off everyone and being particularly obnoxious.

I tried to call a cab to go home but willrobbins says I was just kind of mashing the keypad with my hand and yelling "what's the number??" and so he had to call it for me. I was a little indignant about having him do it for me. But it was for the best.
I don't remember the cab ride home and I don't really remember falling down a lot upon entering the house. And I don't remember putting one of my contacts in the sink and one in the case but with no solution.. I vaguely remember vomiting a whole lot but I cleaned it up well. And I'm pretty mystified as to why I didn't really find pajamas but I did change bunnyhugs.

I tried to call in sick to BJ, but they talked me into going in at two. I felt ill. Quelle surprise. And I mostly whined around. And refused to do any work. This made me very popular. But at least I didn't barf on them.
I love that Killary just thought it was really funny. Best kind of boss.

It would have been nice if my last day had been fun.. but I am glad to be done and have freeeee time. Nothing to do but have lunches and coffees and follow a babe around.

Last night I went to the Bassment with John. And everyone else we've ever known. Saskatoon at Christmastime is so extreme. Really.
The music was ridiculously good. Feral Children were great. I'm not sure why I liked them so much but they just got to me. In the belly. And A Gentle Forest.. why is Sonia's voice the best thing ever? And Pearson.. I haven't seen them since last year and they were gorgeous. (Except maybe the slowed-down awkward country cover of Hey Ya.. It just made me feel uncomfortable..)

John, Chrisreimer and I spent most of the eve coming up with sayings along the lines of "Fuck 'em and chuck 'em". It got intense. We couldn't stop doing it. And we all got pretty good at it by the end.
Some of my favourites:
Dink 'em and sink 'em
Rub up on their flab, leave 'em with crabs
Put it in her vagina, leave her in Regina
Pound 'em and confound 'em
Go for the gold and punch 'em out cold
Feed her your sac, don't look back
Spank 'em, don't thank 'em
Hump 'em, and dump 'em
Fuck that bitch and leave her in the ditch
Put a bun in the oven, and give her no lovin
Stick it in the butt, and leave her saying "Whaaat?"
Bone her and then don't phone her
Finger her and then don't linger with her
Plow her and then don't allow her (to call you anymore)

Whoa. There were so many. And each of us had such a specific style..

I've missed John. I'm glad that he's back. He murders me. I think he's so funny.

Last day of this year. I feel like next year will be pretty sweet. I just have decided things like that. Next summer especially feels like it will be good.

I wish I weren't feeling ill. I think my body is still very angry about the other night. It looks like I might be pretty sober this New Years. That would be a change.
I wish that people would decide their New Years plans. New Years never ends well. It's always silly. My goals for this evening include: -seeing people I love -seeing a babe -making out -enjoying people -not feeling stressed

I need to go back to bed. But preferably not my bed.

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