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2006.05.03 11:45 a.m.

Metropass is my pass to freedom. Now I can go on trips around the city just for for, not only for necessity.

Party time.

Yesterday I went to Value Village and SallyAnn. I bought two new wine glasses and four other glass in many colours and shapes. I like coloured glass I do.
I also bought a weird sweater right out of the 70s that is funny and big. And I bought two weird skirts. I brow-polka-dotted one and a silver with cinolin one.

SallyAnn was so disgustingly unorganized. I couldn't look through it at all really. It just made me mad.

I have a yen for new spring dresses. And spring skirts. And long t-shirts and thin-loose tops.


I went for drinks with David afterwards. Naomi called and so I invited her along. So we had food and beer and chatted.
Naomi said my pictures of Carla were better than virtually all of the ones that DeniseGrant did for most of my classmates. (Grant was a photographer that Christina recommended that charged less than the biggest photographers, but it was still $300 or so, and her pictures really weren't that impressive. At all.

I'd like to charge you $300.

Then I ran home to watch TV. But my aunt called and so I ended up having to tape House in order to talk to her.

Then I watched a lot of TV!
Bedford Diaries is a very poorly written show. Ridiculous dialogue.
Apparantly there's another episode of House on tonight. The continuation? I hope so.
Although so much for their cliffhanger if they just show part 2 the next day.

Maybe tonight Paul and I will catch up on our ANTM watching. I want to know who gets rushed to the emergency room!

I've been considering getting cable on account of I need it for my career. But these last couple of paragraphs are evidence that that could be a very, very bad scene.

OMG OMG. I have to go get my hair done in one hour. I still haven't quite settled on what I want done!!!
I'm going to be ugly!
I've never gotten colour put in professionally I don't think.
And the last time I went to get my hair done I wanted to punch the woman in the head. I looked like an idiot.
I'm hoping for a much better experience this time. I better come out looking like an extreme beauty.
Or heads will roll.

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