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2006.05.04 9:51 a.m.

I think my body's had enough sleep lately. I wake up constantly fully alert and not wanting to go back to sleep. I haven't been tired in days.


So I got my hair did.
I hadn't been to a salon in about 2 years. That's awhile.
I'm still unsure about this new do.
I really like the cut. It's real nice and has body and swing and shit like that.
It's the colour I'm unsure of. I got blonde and copper-red bits put in all through out ("full highlights"). But the blonde is a little too blonde I think and there's this one bit on the top that's irritating me.
But I'm hormonal so it might actually be fine.

It looks very fancy, I'll say that.

Lately I run into people I know in the streets around a thousand times a day. Or at least once.
And it's usually boys really. And I never notice them. I think I wander around never looking at people properly because I'm constantly getting flagged down.
In the past week or two I've run into (sometimes almost literally) (P's) ChrisN, DavidGoldman, ChrisMiller (of cheese), Desiree (of highschool) Mark (of big chill), Shiraz Damon and Anthony (all in a car together), Devon, and Nick.
That's a lot.

I ran into Nick on my way to my hair appointment yesterday. We stopped and chatted breifly. He seems well. And funny like always. We both are mighty funny I think.
It was a fun chat and then I said we should hang out and then it seemed awkward. Bring Martha along for godsakes, I don't care.
It's dumb not to be able to spend time with people I enjoy.

Why is Rhianna so good? Seriously DJ turn the music up.
And Beyonce and Sean Paul. I'm all over this shit these days.

Yesterday I cleaned up a bit. And organized more. And set up my display of pretty glasses.
Stretching out in my bed last night I realized that I'm so lucky to live in my dream attic.
I guess I should probably take better care of it.

Paul came over and we got caught up on our ANTM watching. And drank wine and ate pistachios.
I want Danielle to win and Paul wants Joanie to win. Joanie is my second choice.
I would like to model with an elephant.
Two baby elephants were born in the Toronto African Safari this week. They won't be fully grown until they are 25. Whoa.

Today I am going for brunch with Sophia and then we are going to see a documentary. I'm cultural like that.

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