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2006.07.24 2:07 p.m.

It's one thirty-two on Monday and I don't have any auditions set up for this week. The world is ending.
I can see this is going to be a problem.. living like every audition will be my last.

I only have dreams about blowing auditions.

Ughhhh I can't stop eating these apple-cinnamon cheerios.

I hear that Saskatoon is ridiculously hot.. and it had better cool down by the time I get there. Because I hate the heat. Except on days that I'll be swimming at the lake.

I keep workin all the time. I'm so not a fan, and I'm so not accustomed to it. My feet hurt.

Yankees weekend turned out less than fun. I worked all four games and didn't make over a hundred any night. And in the past I've made closer to 150 or 200. Boo. Also there were just too many problems and too many irritating customers and too much beer. And I had headaches.

Saturday after work I met up with Chala and we sat on College street at the outdoor chess tables and talked about writing. We didn't actually get around to writing.. but we talked about it. Which is close enough.

Then I went home and watched Lover Boy. It wasn't nearly as fantastical as I'd expected.. but that's what you get for high hopes. It was very weird seeing McDreamy in his awkward young-adulthood. He was not a babe.
This makes sense. There are many young men I know that I wouldn't go near now.. but I expect them to turn out to be wonderful men.. someday..
Same goes for women. Obviously.

Work Sunday was especially bad. I was working with annoying people and I was in a bad mood and I had a headache which just got worse and worse and worse as the shift wore on. I couldn't really see by the end of it.. so counting and calculating was incredibly frustrating.
The man I was working with was older and very passive-aggressive and annoying. ("could I just take a little peak at your ID?", "are you sure you need two more beers", etc). He kept taking over jobs that I was working on because he thought he could do them better.. and then he'd just abandon them and I'd have to pick up where I left off.

I eat so much pizza at work. Because there is nothing else there. Nothing.

After work on Sunday I came home and almost vomitted on account of my head hurt so bad. So I went to sleep. Sophia called a couple of hours later but my head still hurt way too much to get up. So I went back to sleep.

When I woke up I caught up on my internetting. Except myspace. Cause it was down! I just about lost my mind. What am I without myspace??

Then I watched Walk the Line. Man it was good. Maybe I just think it's good because I was expecting to be disappointed like with Memoirs of a Geisha and Brokeback.
But I did like it a lot. I thought both actors were outstanding. I hadn't actually heard much about Joaquin Phoenix's performance.. but I thought he was pretty great. I mean, the movie was still way too polished and beautiful and Hollywood.. but.. I guess I like a move if it makes me want to do something/ find something/ learn about something/ dance.

Well.. I sure don't want to go to work again today. Eighth day in a row. Gross. Hopefully Big Chill will be just busy enough to make time pass quickly and just slow enough for me to eat a lot of ice cream and gossip with Miranda.

Five months til my birthday!!!
Homecoming in two weeks two days.

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