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2006.07.22 12:35 p.m.

Tuesday I worked again at Big Chill. And it was fine. Mostly Miranda and I just gossiped and told jokes to each other. And I ate a lot of ice cream. Quelle big surprise.

After work I went and met Sophia, Norman, Jamie, Morgan and friends at Sweaty Betty's (ooohhh it's sooooo hip) where we drank. We then took our bicycle squadron up to New Ho King to eat chinese food. Then we rode over to the pool and went nightswimming. Which is my favorite thing.
I really thought I'd never talk those kids into it.. but they proved me wrong. We swam forever and ever and it was so ridiculously cold getting out. Which I loved because at least it wasn't hot. Cause fuck I hate the heat.
The flutterboard that I was using a couple of days prior was there but with a big chunk missing. Which leads me to conclude that scadding court pool has sharks. Small sharks 'cause it's only 4'10 deep.
Bike-riding home at 5 am is a sweet time.

Wednesday I had an audition. There were girls from Degrassi there. That's probably a sign I'm going out for alright stuffs. It was a ridiculously short two-line audition... but I feel like it was probably fine.

Sophia met me for brunch at Aunties afterwards. Goddamn eating out is so one of my favorite things ever. I wish it didn't cost ten billion dollars. We sat out on the patio and bothered David and scoped babes. Except that there really weren't babes to scope.
I think that David should start an Aunties dating service. He knows all the cool kids that come in there and he should just start matching them up. Arranging for them to have brunch at the same time, etc.
He said "yeah, like you have trouble meeting guys".
But I do.
I think he's neglecting to notice my derisive personality.

I worked at skydome Wednesday night. Because I'm a workaholic or something.
I got to work by myself which was sweet because it was sooo slow.
The beer spotter I was working with is fun and funny so we amused ourselves with talk of what girls think of guys' facial hair.
Note: I don't think I've met any women who like (really like) soul patches, as a rule.
No one. Why? Because soul patches are lame. And, yet, so many fine looking men have them. It mystifies me.
Also: you cannot excuse bad facial hair with "that's the only place I can grow it". Not a good enough reason.

After work I went to bed. I haven't been getting my require 12 hours of sleep lately. I'd like to do that soon.

Thursday I had an audition for a commercial. In the audition I basically had to play charades.

So I was proven wrong.
Turns out those hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of charade-playing in Michael's class were well worth my while. Boy did my mad mad black-belt-level charade skillzzz come in handy.

It was a fun audition though and I got to see my new casting assistant friend there and he sent me a myspace message while I was sitting across the room from him!
The internet is a bizarre communicator.

Afterwards I went to Value Village. Yes, again. But to a different location. There I encountered many sweet treats, many of which I purchased. Mostly shirts. I've been seriously needing shirts to wear to auditions. Shirts that combine a nice simple colour and cut, which hide my fat upper-arms and maybe cover a bit of the severe bruising all over me.
Because I have so many bruises these days I'm like part dalmatian.

I also purchased the movie "Loverboy" which stars Dr. McDreamy as a young college student who accidentally becomes a prostitute. I can only assume that this will be the funniest movie I will ever watch.

Erica came and met me in VV because she also had an audition for the same commercial, but later on, so we went for lunch in between.
We wandered Queen East (which I've never really done and I really should do more often). We went to Le Cafe Vert, which was a very sweet little restaurant with huge art and mixmatched furniture and cute boys reading newspapers and using macbooks. Also the menu specified which things were vegetarian or vegan, and it was all organic. (Hmm spellcheck doesn't recognize the word 'vegan').
We both got roasted vegetable sandwiches with soup. I got cold spicy avocado and corn soup and Erica got coconut and yam soup. And they were both delicious. We want to go back to try many other things there.

I worked at skydome again on Thursday. The Yankees are in town all weekend, which should mean good money, but Mike's started putting three people at each stand so it's been a lot less tips.

After work I had a headache and I couldn't wait to go to bed.

Yesterday I had another audition. That's three days in row. Uh huh.
This one turned out to be a lot of fun. It involved almost making out and then getting creeped out by a guy watching the action. So I got to do my patented love-face. Which is fantastical.
Luckily the guy I was auditioning with was a lot of fun.. so we played around with the scene and made a fuss about not actually getting to make out.
If every audition was that fun then I would be happy just auditioning for the rest of my life. JUST JOKES I REALLY WANT TO BOOK SOMETHING.

I biked to work for the first time yesterday because I had biked to the audition. It's not a bad distance, it's just way too crazy to bike around the downtown core. Too many killer cars.

Work was alright, I spent a lot of time trying to cheer up the girl I was working with.. which is actually when I'm funniest. I think it worked cause we had a lot of fun and fell over laughing a couple of times.

After work I met Sophia and her friend at Red Room for sangria. I need to drink more wine. Actually, I definitely don't need to drink more at all.. but I do like wine.

Today I work some more. Then who knows? Hopefully watching Loverboy.

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