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2006.01.29 12:49 p.m.

I can't believe that January is almost done. This is getting ridiculous. What is my life about these days?

I think I'm going to wear my hair curly more often. Yeah. That's what my life is now about. My looks.

Also, I made the most intense pair of earrings last night. They're preeetty sweet. All clear/silver beads and they're giant. Almost like chandeliers.
Alison - I made your earrings, but I'm not sure I like them. So I think I'll make another pair, and then send you both and then you can decide. Or just love both.

If I weren't an actor, who's face is terribly valuable and shouldn't be over-exposed, I would go audition for Canadian Idol with my rendition of mmmbop.

Ali, P, and I went for brunch on Friday. It was pretty fun, even though Hayden wasn't there.
P told me that her new roommate, Carla, really likes me. Which is great since I think she's pretty awesome. Good thing P's going to live with her soon.

I went to the job interview at Medieval Times. It actually does sound like fun, except the part where they'd pay me $8/hour. As Ali would say "I don't even get out of bed for $8 an hour".

Apparantly my tiny magazine (I really hate the word 'zine') has been getting praise, and I think I'm going to make more copies. If you'd like one and haven't gotten one yet, then you should let me know (and give me your address), I'm going to be mailing a bunch out right away here.

Honestly though, I have a nerd-dream of publishing a book a of poetry. And maybe photographs. Yes, a book of poetry/photographs.

I'm making an effort to start doing yoga/voice warm-ups again.
This seems dumb but I'm always like "when I'm a real actor I'll be all fit and able to do anything that is ever required of me".
But the thing is that I am auditioning and filming things these days. And I'm geting closer to being able to tell people that that's what I do.

Oh, I got a part in another student film. So I'll be shooting all three student films in one week. Maybe for a bit I'll feel like a movie star.
If only I got my own trailer.

They will feed me though, and that's amazing because food is running low around here. My choices are pretty much pasta or instant oatmeal. Well, I have been eating peanut butter by the spoonful. And white rice. I have tonnes of rice.

I went for sushi with Katrina yesterday. Man I like sushi. And Katrina.
Pretty much everyone in my class who has an agent has been booking at least something.
That's actually pretty amazing. And also a testament to the program.

Yeah, I'm getting ready to send out my packages to agents, but I'm having issues with the whole process.
It's overly-frustrating. I'm good. Okay, I've just decided that I am good. And I'm friendly and fun to work and I have a good "look" (even if it's not leading-lady. fuck.), so agents should be lining up to represent me. But how do I convey how much they'll love me in one small envelope? Especially constrained to proper business-etiquette writing.

Never mind.
I'm going back to bed. It's all too impossible.

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