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2003.02.27 11:25 a.m.

yesterday was toooooo long. holy. rehearsal was the worst yet. it was our tech/dress run. i had begun to get a headache just before i was leaving b.s. at 3:30. then my headache just got worse and worse and worse (even after i took a couple of aspirin between training and rehearsal). it was the kind of headache where if i moved my head at all, it throbbed and pounded. i wasn't hearing people properly and i wasn't seeing very well. i kept screwing up my lines because i would just blank out. also i had to fall down and yell and everything, which made it eighty billion times worse. i had to do the song at the end and i couldn't hit any of the notes at all. it was incredibly frustrating. everyone noticed how bad it was. we tried to go over it again afterwards and it only got worse. i was trying not to cry. in short, it sucked...

we do have an awesome set though. it's very cool, and costumes have all got themselves together. i look super cute. as per usual.


i'm excited for my day off today. (except rehearsal this evening.) maybe i'll get something accomplished. or at least watch some tv. i taped the grammys and i still haven't had time to watch them. or anything really.

maybe i should get things going.

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