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disclaimer: this is the life and times of meredith r. mistletoe. i'm making a slight attempt to disguise my identity and hide things that i write about and pretend i don't feel things i do. but if you read this and i don't know you read it, then you read it at your own risk. and you should let me know you're reading it... especially because a lot of the time things need clarifying or aren't quite true anymore or etc etc etc.

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2005.12.14 8:06 a.m.

but guys! sufjan stevens makes christmas music. so maybe you'll hate it just a little less. or a lot less because sufjan's pretty powerful i bet.

oh gosh i don't want to go to work today. le sighhhh.

yesterday was super slow. probably on account of it being really snowy and icy outside. i was so bored. i worked on my christmas lists and mixed perfumes and products to keep myself from falling over.

the problem with working in a store is that i always want things from it. too bad i don't have any money.

i hate this one girl at work. i hate her. she just drives me nuts. ohhhh i'm having a hard time being civil. but it seems the more i hate her the more she thinks i'm funny and wants to be around me.

i'm still in a good mood. it's pretty sweet.

house was really good last night. miranda from sex and the city was on and she was really good. different.
what's with gilmore girls always being reruns? they better have a christmas episode.

i went to the livingroom with greg and steph last night. and then to amigos. there were a bunch of people there and i talked with lukeryalls and jeff for a bit. and watched some people play pool. i need to drink more.

i should probably make cookies tonight. and i should probably get some sleep. yeah. niki comes home so soon.

mohogany frog show tomorrow night. probably party party all the time this weekend. me and steph are going to get drunk and go to wal-mart in the middle of the night when it's open 24 hours. serves them right.

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