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2005.12.07 9:36 a.m.

already the 7th, hey? that's hot i guess.

usually i can just type and then bad, long-winded entries come out. not today, can't write properly. nothing makes sense.

i had stress dreams / nightmares all night. fuck i just slept so badly. i kept waking up every little bit and expecting it to be morning. very realistic dreams that made me think a little too much.

turns out however hard i try to fine about somethings, i can't control my dreams.


yesterday i had a day off, which was hot, and i did a lot of nothing, which was also hot. and i did a bit of christmassing. uh huh.

my mum and i went to see rent last night. i like rent a lot. i mean, it's probably really bad. but it's so good. i love angel. i just love him/her. yeah. the whole thing should just be about him/her.

carlan and drew were there too. on a hottt date. but i didn't see them til the end. and this girl from my elementary school, megan, was there. she now has a baby.
i went to her wedding a couple of years ago and it was pretty bad. yeah, it made me never want to get married.

then i tried to watch the 'house' and 'gilmore girls' that i thought i'd taped but one was a repeat and then house wasn't on at all. that's fuckin shite.

mmm raisins.

my mum's making me some porridge.
and she just reasurred me, "your love life might be down the shitter, but at least you have nails". and then i felt beautiful.

i went to amigos to see soso and caribou. holy deja vu. stupid saskatoon, you're so small. grow up already.

ryanpollard is my bestshowfriend. and he's really tall. i like knowing people at shows. and he's always there, so it works out.
charolette is my newbestfriend. and i will take her everywhere. no, i like her a lot though. for reals.
john was the biggest throwback maybe. ohhh drunk john is funny john.

ew, john introduced me to his friend, who turned out to be hillary's ex-boyfriend who i'd met once while back for a visit. i didn't recognize him but he recognized me and then brought up how we'd met already and offered "i thought you were really annoying".
if only that was the worst thing that was said to me yesterday.

i really liked soso. i'd never seen him before. but i'd heard a lot about him. yeah, he was definitely really cool. kind of like josh martinez, but way deeper. it was just like poetry i'd like but set to music.
i'd like to buy his cd. where would i get it?

ryanpollard, charolette and i danced a whole lot. yeah it ruled. i don't know what i think of caribou. they were really good, but i wasn't blown away. yeah, i'd like to listen to them more. very fun to dance to. and my ears got a bit broken and i couldn't see anything.

john and i danced at the back for awhile but drunkjohn kept coming very close to hitting people/spilling trays of drinks and things. it was pretty awesome. i also tried to make mehta rock out, but he didn't really.

mairin and i talked about how we are really really good kissers. and how she's a really, really good cook. and pretty much every other inside joke/phrase that we've ever had.
i think i'm going to restart my chai tea lattee parties. those were fun. although almost none of the original attendees are around. me and mairin. and hillary maybe. yeah. but we will make a new chai tea party time.

i want to make gingerbread houses.

john's right. i am the same i was last year. and everyone else has grown up at least a bit. well, good work me. maybe it's just here that's the problem. oh good theory.

charolette and i noticed there were many babes there we'd never seen before. and then we thought about hitting on them. but then it turns out that we might be really bad at it. but we figure the babes should come to us.
me and charolette are on the prowl for BABES.
we were sitting, waiting for the babes to find us when a bunch of not-babes got in the way. but then john gave us his tip on how to get babes. he said "let guys touch your boobs."
best advice ever.

i have a headache. and i don't really even want babes. i just want to feel better. i just feel slightly ill.

living in two places is really, really hard work. but i'm thinking about actually doing it. coming back for winters here. cause while i can work at skydome i can make good money, but on the offseason jobs are just as good as here. and the cost of living is ridiculously lower. and moviemaking is way less in the winters. we'll see i guess. the re-adjustments would be worse? better? god i miss the summers here though. oh this is my home you know.

i want to vomit. but just a little bit, so it's cool.

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