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2005.12.06 1:07 p.m.

my nails are the longest they've ever been and they look wrong on my fingers. but they are handy for peeling pricetags off.

i only recently woke up. and that's how it should be. i'm tired of being tired. but someone left the kitten outside all morning and now she's part icicle.

and someone left the cake out in the rain.

i've gotten way more into belle and sebastian again. mostly because my mum has few cds that i really like and those are some of them.

i worked yesterday morning. and i got to change the window displays, which involved climbing around in there a lot. fun.

then i went to the university to meet john at stm, where we ate pies. well, he also ate fish and chips. yeah, he's pretty neat. though i think his perception of me must be pretty strange. and probably vice versa.
he seemed to think it was fine that i am as messed up this year as i was last year. i think that's pretty bad.

we ran into eli cia elli ott in the hall. that was pretty nuts. she was obviously upset and i wanted to know why. well, i hope she's okay. she is so, so strange.

i had a hottt valentines date with killary last night. oh yeah. but she totally didn't put out. too bad, i was looking forward to writing the details all over diaryland.
we did have good pasta though and good girltalk. or girlboytalk because both genders can talk. i decided.
she has a fancy new car. that's hillarious.
she'll also be part owner of booster juice pretty soon. that's so hot. in a couple of years she'll be all business woman and then she can help me with my brunch place. uh huh.

we're all growing up. this is crazy.

i attended sloppy monday at the riviera last night. it involves dressing up and going to fraser/mattdean's. although mattdean was sick in bed. and we(i was) were being really loud.
i wore my grad dress (over leggings and with a sweater and many diamonds). and i couldn't breathe. which i remember from grad. way to pick a dress that fits. but it's still fabulous.
we played scruples. that's a good way to find out what your friends think of you. i actually found it pretty fun.
there were people there i'd never met before. this group is expanding young-wards. does this mean that there are also cool older people that i haven't met yet?
i want saskatoon to be slightly bigger.
maybe everyone will come back, yeah, i think a lot of people who went away to school and stuff will come back eventually. i'd bet on it actually.

i like some big diamond rings for christmas. at the bay they have sets that look like a marriage and engagement ring for $10. what a deal!
i really want them.

i wonder if i'll go to see caribou tonight. probably depends on if it sells out. stupid popular. we'll see.

okay, call me every five minutes.

and also, rock around the clock.

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