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2005.06.16 1:58 p.m.

i have to pee!

so bou-jou said that i could do a scene that i wrote for his class, so i gave him one to read and then yesterday he said 'meredith. excellent piece of writing. excellent.'
and it was the best compliment i've heard all year. (that's a lie, lately i seem to be getting it from all sides. praise i mean.)
then i said that he has to tell me what needs to be editted and he said 'of course. but yes, a very nice piece.'
hot shit.
especially because bouge is the type of actor i aspire to be.
the kind that writes movies and one-man plays and directs and teaches and works all the time.

i want to be a creating actor.

i wrote my monologue for class today as well. it's pretty funny. it's an extreme version of me as a teenager. yeah. annoying!
but then last minute last night i found that story that meganjabusch wrote in high school that is a monologue waiting to be performed..
i had a hard time deciding between the two. but i think i'll do the funny one. because bouge wants to see me play more apparantly.

it's cooled down and i'm in heaven. last night i slept in clothes and with TWO blankets! amazing. pure amazement.
it rained on me a lot in the night and that was also so sweet.

did you go listen to sweet thing yet? i realize their name is a putoff, put it's still worthwhile.

it's almost the weekend. which means possibly shows (money, what?) and a shift or two at work. oh the sweetness of money and how you could cushion my slow decline.

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