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2005.06.20 12:00 p.m.

ew today we watched the videos from our auditions at the casting houses. it was bizarre. some people were quite good. i was quite good. entertaining to watch.
gosh i have a weird little nose.

i hate coming all the way down to the college for one shit class.

my weekend was surprisingly fun.

ali, miranda, priscilla, jenn (breifly) and i went to the another blue door show. it was entertaining. i wish my head didn't hurt all the time.
nathan was awkward. maybe i was too. it's hard to say. mostly hilarious. i enjoyed it.

okay jpr's friend shayne was there as well and i talked to him. and i really like him, based on how he's a really nice and friendly guy. but also on how jpr likes him. i mean, i definitely expect a lot from him if he's friends with jpr.
but he was really really hitting on me. in such an extreme way it was fairly amusing. but bizarre since last weekend he was with his girlfriend. who knows what that's about.
but he's still my new best friend. and he's pretty close to being exactly my size. we could probably share clothes.

i worked on saturday and i made a lot of money (which is my top favorite funsies love). it was stressful and i exploded the kegs on me at least twice.

the ali, katrina, and i went to lonestar where our friends work and got a bunch of free food and drinks. hot.

later on katrina and i met up and i found miranda and took her too and we went and met devon (who is in my class and who i spend a lot of time with lately. we hated each other breifly last year and then i realized how similar we are..and we became friends. in a bizarre tons-of-bickering kind of way. he told katrina and ali that i'm his best friend in class)and all of his weird guy friends at the mod club.
it was interesting. devon's got a hot mohawked artist roommate and his other friends were mildly amusing.
me and the girls went to sneaky dees for nachos afterwards. and they were delicious.
miranda and katrina seem to like each other and that makes me glad.

sunday i did a lot of nothing. then i went out with priscilla and her friend sam for a bit. then we went to utopia with jenn. fuck utopia is delicious.
then priscilla and i got into a fight and it was awkward.

that happens sometimes.
i want to learn how to fight with people better.

even i (despite my extreme say-whatever bitchiness) have a hard time saying what i mean. or what i feel i need to say.

then last night ali, katrina, devon, and i went out for drinks at midtown. they had a special on beer. it was $1.75. and then i got bombed. good story.
i was still drunk when i woke up and it didn't feel good.

someone in the computer lab said 'market size' and i thought they said 'mark inside'.

bouge (aka john aka bou-jou, etc) loved my monologue on thursday. the one i wrote. he said 'you should be really proud of that peice' and he directed me soooo well with it. i watched the video later and i was impressed with the improvements. bouge never ceases to amaze me.

devon agreed to do the scene i wrote with me for bouge's class. i'm glad because i'm not sure who i'd have asked if he'd said no.
i hope it'll go well......
writing makes me more nervous than acting these days.
but it's awesome wicked fun too.

i have to work tonight and it'll be dead and that sucks for money.

this is the longest entry of my life.

my show is going so well. writing-wise i mean. i'm sure i'm jinxing it by writing that. but whatevs. i'm enthusiastic for once.

it's like all of a sudden my life figured out how to get good.

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