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2006.05.30 3:58 p.m.

I'm not easy I'm just easily swayed. Because I thought life was a cabaret

quickly now.

Things have been busy and I'm not sure that it's that good for me.. but what can you do? Cry about it?

Friday night I worked. Every shift pretty much I work with someone new and by the end of the shift I have a new best friend I feel. I like winning the skydome over one person at a time.

This girl was funny and tanned with long blonde extensions but she thought I was a trip.
I guess I do spend an awful lot of time making fun of customers (to their faces) and spilling beer.. so.

After work I met Tamara and Sarah at the redroom where they were having drinks. We went to the Boat to go to the Western Birds show. But it was a private party and the doorman said we couldn't come in. So we went to the park next door where all the hippie kids and homeless hang out and Tamara played this guy's banjo and people danced a bit and Sarah smoked a joint with them.
It felt kind of like Saskatoon for a few minutes there.
We went back to the Boat and asked to come in again and this time he let us.

Inside we got drunk and danced. The Western Birds were really good. No, I really like them though. And then JonRae and the River played and they were really good.. though maybe not as good as I expected because of the hype.

Sam was my favorite WesternBird because he's so ridiculously friendly and fun. He always seems excited to see people and he gave me his spot in the front to watch JonRae (but then I gave it back to him on account of he really enjoyed it more than me).

After the show the girls and I went for pizza and then walked up this house after-party.
Sarah and Tamara are both ridiculously excellent. And it seemed like a really good group of three. Sometimes threes work and most times not.

The house party was slightly awkward but then we hung out with Morgan (who I like more and more every day) and Sam, who told me he felt like I was his little sister.
I thought that was kind of nice actually.

Sarah and Tamara left just before me and then I finally left around 4 or so when the band and Jamie and Morgan did.
They had bikes and vans and I was walking but Morgan walked his bike with me and Jamie eventually came back to accompany us.

Paused at the end of my block, Jamie ran his bike into piles of cardboard boxes and fell into the hedges.
Morgan said "careful!"
I helped the little monster up.

Saturday I worked. And it was nice and busy. I like it busy it passes so much quicker.

After work I was ready to crash on account of partying for too many days, but then Sophia said let's go out and she called Norman. So we went to the Boat for Zoi Zoi (french pop music dance party!!) where we had a picnic in the bathroom involving a nalgene bottle full of vodka and juice. Norman, Chris and their friends met us there and we danced a bit. Then we went to a house party at a friend of their classmate's which was just down the block from me. We didn't know many people there but whatever because we were drunk. I climbed up on the roof (of the three-story house) and partied up there most of the night. Convinced Sophia to join me and we dropped pebbles onto people a bit and spied on their conversations down on the ground.
There were a lot of cats up there and I petted them.
Norman and I had girltalk on the front porch and it was interesting. Norman's neat. And good fun. Because he's always up for a party. My favorite kind of person.

Sunday I worked. And was ridiculously tired. And felt ill because I was so hungry from being so exhausted and I ate two gross donuts in about 2 minutes. But I got to work by myself which was a treat and it was steady and I had good customers.
I got asked out around three times. Which was a bit extreme. Usually one time per shift is the limit. But Sunday was extreme.
It's like boys can smell it on me. No looking for a relationship - puts out.
I frequently get asked if I have a boyfriend and my standard answer is "several" but I was so ridiculously exhausted on Sunday that I added "why do you think I look so tired?".

I felt like Sunday would be an early night but Ali and I had plans for dinner, which ended up being late on account of her dropping off Eddie's pictures that we took to Christina (they loved them apparently.. but they can't tell that they're bad because it's their son in the pictures.. so they always think he's beautiful).
Ali called me on her way and said "start drinking cause I'm already drunk". So I finished of a forty that was in my fridge and we went to Utopia and drank more and ate. I had mushroom/pesto/swiss quesadillas and fries and gravy and mayo and then I felt ill!!!

Leaving Utopia we decided to go for ice cream at BigChill so I called up Sophia and Jamie and Morgan to come and join us. Jamie and Morgan brought their roommates and other friends and the gang was all there.
Mark gave me free icecream and it was delicious. Then I felt sicker. But didn't really notice on account of being drunk.
Then the roommates and friends went away and we went to the grocery store to get food for Morgan. And I bought chocolate soymilk. I like going grocery shopping with people very much. As long as I don't actually have to get groceries.
I walked Ali to the streetcar and then went back to Morgan and Jamie's where they and Sophia and I watching some movies (most notably 'Marnie Love', which was Norman's film from last year. It was really really great). The DVD player crapped out and so we told ghost stories.

Yesterday I slept in a bit. And the TTC went on strike. My stomach hurt quite badly the entire day and it's still hurting now and I am less than impressed.
I ended up walking to work in the 42 degree weather with my stomach ache.

I worked and there were three of us on (usually there's no more than two) and it wasn't really busy enough for that.. but it was okay because I was feeling so gross and irritable.
I worked with Vanessa (the sweet girl from last week) and Mishka (who I've worked with a bizarre amount of times and who is... funny). It was fun and we had good girltalk and scoped for babes.

After work Mishka and I went out for food. Because I was hungry. But eating did not make me feel better. No sir.
I don't know what's wrong with me.

Jesus shit I have to go work again. That wasn't quick at all.

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