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2006.06.01 4:29 p.m.

The weather network is such ass. Yesterday it said that there was a 100% chance of rain on Sunday. Now it says there is a 0% chance. That seems off somehow.

I'm obsessed with knowing the temperature and forcast before I leave the house.

I went for brunch with Miranda Tuesday. It was nice, having soup on the patio and sitting and sweating.
Then we went to the bigchill and sat on the patio there and ate strawberry ice. And it was delicious.

The heat makes me irritable and work on Tuesday made me very irritable. But it's always worth it to go because I need money money money.
The girl I was working with was also in a bad mood. What a team. But I ate a lot of junk food (which for some reason seemed to settle my stomach. wtf?) and we bitched about everything.
And then made good money.

The game was toooo long and I just wanted to get out.
Especially since I knew the Ryerson kids were roasting corn without me.

After work I hurried over to Morgan/Jamie's but most people had already left, even Jamie and his new ladyfriend were nowhere to be seen. Luckily I brought candy and fourty of St. Ides. I became Tim's favourite person on account of he is obsessed with candy. We are going to start a candy factory. Possibly calling it 'St. Ides Heaven'.
I think yes.

The kids and I decided to walk down to the pool near us and see if there was water for swimming and on the way we ran into angeroo who was also drunk. He's coming to my party on Sunday and we're going to pee on people!

There was no water in the pool.

So then everyone weinered out and decided to go home. But I told Morgan that he was still partying with me and he was down so I went back to his house and we ended up hanging out with his roommate, Lauren, in her room. She's really nice and really quite amusing. She has a lot of fake and real glasses like me and likes liking bands and having crushes. My kind of a kid.
Her friend came over and we all went to the (nice and cold) basement. We started watching Duck Soup but I fell asleep pretty much immediately. But in a nice way. I woke up when the movie was over and walked home and went straight back to sleep.

Morgan is totally one of my favourite people these days. I feel like he's mostly made up of goodness, and he seems to be about care-taking, which I'm all about these days.

Yesterday I slept in. Man sleep is so fabulous.

Then I went to work again. It was supposed to be busy.. but it really wasn't. Luckily I was by myself so it was okay. Although working by myself when it's slow-ish, I get hit on way too much. I'm not really a fan. It's just uncomfortable.

I made best friends with one of the concession managers. He was hitting on me as well, but this lead to a lot of free food and drinks.. sooo that was good. And I got to work with Bojan, who is always a fun beer spotter.. mostly because he's just so random and says pretty hilarious things.

I didn't make money really though. Well, enough to pay my rent!!! I was pretty excited about that I tell you.

After work I met Tamara and Jack at the Rivoli to see Sweetthing. It was still death-hot but that won't stop me from dancing.

The show was really great. I wish I'd been able to go earlier to see Nick and Tyler play with another band, but.
I danced.
And then I danced and danced and I just like it so much. ugh it's too brilliant. Jumping and prancing and shaking and swiveling and everything.

And I'm always happy to see those kids and this time Martha actually smiled at me so now we are officially friends.
I'd be happy if they all came to my zine launch party. But they really only make 'appearances' places.. which is sad considering the amount of time we spend paying attention to them.

But I do love them.

Hanging out with Tamara is really chill. She's so easy-going and pleasant to be with. And she dances.

We got pizza on the way to the streetcar and sat on the dirtiest steps and picked at our food with our hands.
I like feeling like a gremlin.

Today I had a costume fitting for this movie I'm going to do background for next week. I get to a hip young 1940s girl. It was fun. I'm wearing a printed lavender skirt and blouse and some funny shoes and gloves and a lavender purse. And they're going to do my hair all fancy-like. It should be fun really.

Whoa I just IMDB-ed the movie and it turns out it's staring Shirley MacLaine, and Mischa Barton (OC), and Christopher Plummer, and Neve Campbell, and Pete Postlethwaite, and notably, Gregory Smith (who I used to think was kind of a babe when I used to watch Everwood, back in the day).

The fitting was down at the Toronto Film Studios and I'd never been down there before. It was really kind of cool (this is possibly because I've never been to any US studios, which I'm sure would blow this away). It seemed like old-world Hollywood and made me feel vaguely excited.

Now I'm getting ready to go over to Chala's and we're going to hang out and maybe do my pictures (finally) and have dinner and stuff.
I kind of need a chilled-out night. I'm getting due.

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