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2005.04.21 2:09 p.m.

i'm done early for a special treat. and i feel as though i'm wasting my life away (which i clearly am!!!!!!). we were supposed to do 2 run-throughs of our live-to-air thing today but we're way behind schedule so some of us get to go home, and then we all get to come in way early tomorrow! oh the fun.

it is actually interesting though. one of the huge things i miss about doing plays in the socializing. the hanging out before and during the play. the getting to know people in a trapped environment.
and for this it's all of the 1st and 2nd years so there's lots of people to bother.

chris and i did our scene first so i haven't had anything to do since about 10 this morning.
but they did give us some food and we do have comfortable chairs.

we mostly sat around discussing sex. lots of us 2nd year girls and a bunch of the hot 1st years. (yeah, they have some hotties, i don't know what that's about..)
i have a crush on one of them, but more in a best friend way. his name is warren. and he likes elliottsmith and the weakerthans.

yesterday i started work. it seems good enough. it's harder than the guy made it out to be, but that's fine. i made about $100 last night between wage and tips. that's nothing to laugh at.
and the availability thing won't be that much of a problem for them i don't think, just for me, getting hours.
the woman that was training me was nice.

working in the skydome makes me really homesick for some reason. i miss bev and michael, jason and bradley at a lot. and the ashley and amy.
the skydome, er, rogers' centre, is pretty neat though. and gigantic. i'd never been inside before..

after work i went to the silver dollar room with nick and large amounts of people he knows. it was fun. i hit on owen A LOT. new people had no idea who i was actually with. hillarious! i really liked this girl, sara, she was nice. actually most of nick's friends, that i've met have been pretty cool.

i think i'm going to go shoe shopping now. and maybe to booster juice!!

i just want this whole live-to-air thing over with.

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