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2006.05.24 3:02 p.m.

New /private entry.

Ugh I hate it when browsers break and lose my entries.
But I guess it forces me to recreate them and usually it's much more succinct... etc
No not really

At all.

I need to go get groceries. I think I have honestly exhausted my food supply. Unless I want to eat some plain rice or some peanut butter.
I guess rice + pb that's not too bad?

Monday night I went and hung out with Nathanael, he was going to try and play an open mic but the signup process was effed up, so we ended up hanging out at his house. Eating chocolate. I want to go back there and get more chocolate. He has too much of it.

Then Devon came and we went and got drunk at SneakyDees. Talked about making movies and maybe starting a production company. Pooling together our limited resources and getting stuff moving.
That would be so hottt.

Nathanael made us pasta afterwards and it was overly-delicious. I love drinking. I love eating while I'm drinking. I love drinking while I'm eating. It's a symbiotic relationship.

Yesterday I got to go to work and it was supposed to be good on account of it being toonie Tuesday. But I made almost NO money and was disappointed. Especially since I so badly NEED money.

OH CHRIST. I just checked my bank oh my god what a bad idea.

Bad, bad news.

Anyway. I worked with this girl Vanessa who turned out to be really fun and so we had a time talking about babes and so on.

Jamie and Norman and some kids came to the game so they came and visited me and I couldn't get them free beer. It was sad.

Afterwards I went to Jamie's where people were drinking beer and watching TV. They have a band from Vic staying with them and so everyone was all hanging out. It was nice..

I went home when some kids were heading to the bar and I talked to my mum for a long time, which was good seeing as I hadn't spoken with her in a really long time.

But then Norman called at like 1am and he was like "Meredith, I'm coming to pick you up on my bike and ride you doubles the party is just getting started where do you live?" it was great. How can I say no to that?

So Norman and I went to SneakyDees and drank a pitcher and ate fries and then Rebecca walked by and I ran outside after her and I yelled for her and then she came back inside and drank beer with us. Then Jamie and his friend Monica came and met us and Adam (from their class) went by and they telephoned him and he came back and hung out with us.
We moved the party back to Morgan and Jamie's and woke up the members of the band who were sleeping a bit.

Party all the time.

I love Rebecca. She is one of my new bffs because she's a girl. And because she's a virgo and I'm a capricorn and that spells out BFF. and also because she's really amusing and she says things like "it's all good news".

Today I need to get moving. Although that feeling like something is seriously wrong is back. But I know why today.
It's because I'm so fucked in the bum about money.
And there's no lube.

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