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2007.06.24 9:28 p.m.

Oh Best Beloved Diaryland! I have no time for you!

I am so ridiculously tired right now. I want to cry. But I'm trying to stay awake just a little bit longer in order to have a proper sleep tonight and not be waking up too early tomorrow.

Work Work Work, Party! Work! Party Party Party! Work. Party work work Party work. Repeat.

So much work. The Jays play pretty much every minute, from what I can tell. McGowan is my new favourite on account of his sweet moves this afternoon. Halladay is still my #1 though because he makes the games quick.

I've been working up in the bar a whole lot and the talk just gets dirtier and dirtier. It's service bar so I don't have to interact with customers at all. It's really quite refreshing. It's only co-workers ordering from me, so if they piss me off I can react better about it.
I've been getting good locations for beer serving too, it's been nice moneys. Some of my co-workers have been driving me crazy x 1000... and I think I just work there way too much, I have so many pet peeves and so many specific ways of doing things that I don't like people to mess with.

It was the Taste of Little Italy Fest last weekend. It is always horrific at the chill. I don't know how is it so consistently horrific. It seems like at some point someone would figure out how to fix it so that all the staff weren't so over-worked and under-paid and having nervous break-downs. Fun!
I only was in there for a dozen or so hours on the weekend, but that was enough (especially paired with skydome-ing). Sam wants to find me a man. I'm so down with this (only in theory. Never in actuality, as Sam is the most awkward man ever. Although maybe he knows rich people).

The partying is getting extreme. I'm possibly an alcoholic, I wake up in strange beds a lot, and there's a good chance I'll get arrested soon.
And it's amazing.
That's the most important part.

I saw Knocked Up. It was as good as I was hoping. Man was it good. Man do I love Apatow and all his crew. I wish he would love me too and then we'd collaborate all the time and make genius movies/TV shows. Yeah huh.

Fury and the Mouse (Saskatoon-now-Victoria kids' band) played here this week. Chala and I went, we got there early and saw Blair and made him come to Sneaky Dees with us for cheap beer and vegan nachos (Shockingly delicious). Then we danced. And then Nathan and Shayne and Dan came. I love that Nathan and I are tight again, and his friends are very funny and tiny. I convinced those boys and ChrisReimer and even called up Andrew and made them all go swimming after the show. We climbed the fence to Bathurst pool and had such a good dip. Although Chala shivered so much I though she might be dying. And Nathan threw his underpants around a lot (he said, in retrospect: "I was trying to get naked swimming going.. it didn't work, hey?")
Then the cops came! They beckoned us out of the pool and called for back-up (there were probably ten of us..) and then took all our info but then let us go with only a warning. I seriously could not stop laughing and making many jokes to myself ("But my head just felt so hot!"). I think the main cop was younger than us and I think they all secretly wanted to go swimming. Andrew tried to ask them if they did but I shushed him. "Don't come back here again. Tonight."

ChrisReimer and I had brunch at Aunties the next day. We had never hung out on our own... or even in groups really. We just have many mutual friends. It was very nice. And surprisingly not awkward. Even if I tried to make it so, just a little bit.
We visited Niki at the Chill afterwards and ate ice cream. Maybe it made up for how I almost got him arrested.

There's so many more stories. But it's hard work to round them all up.

There's way too many babes out. Who let them out? What's with summer?
I think summer might be ruined on account of now Sophia, Gwyneth, Jamie, and even Norman have significant others. It's like an epidemic. I hate everyone who can hold relationships. Idiots.
Good thing for Dana and Sarah. We are perpetually single. Awesome. Yet I bet we get more booty than a lot of coupled people. MCDA HEY

And by 'booty', I obviously mean 'treasure'.

Say there's a giant bowl of candy for people to have some; well I find if you make an elaborate scene of how you're trying to take all of it then they notice less when you actually do take an obscene amount.

My head hurts from trying to keep my eyes open. Two more workin days then one not-workin day then more workin days. I'm hoping to get the laundry done tomorrow... I think it might just be fantasy.

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