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2006.04.05 12:59 p.m.

It's hard to type with a cat trying to lick my arms on my lap. Ew. Ew.

It was my first day back at work yesterday.
Oh I really love it.
I'm not even sure why.. I just think it's fun and entertaining.
I like being good at it and rushing around and getting things done and double-pouring from bottles and flirting with customers and most of all, getting tips.
Uh huh. I made one hundred and some last night and it made me feel a little calmer about money things.. but not by much really. It was the opening game so of course I did well - and there's still going to be shifts where I make like twenty dollars. Ugh.
There's something about leaving with cash moneys that makes it seem worthwhile.
Although there's definitely moments where I just want to leave. Leave quickly. Especially when I'm feeling sick and it seems like the line will never ever end (which it frequently doesn't until we shut down).

Everything was disorganized last night. I'm going in a bit earlier tonight just because I like having less stress, and I know for the first few weeks at least it's going to be a little hectic.

They hired a lot of new people (including Carla! and Stacy-Ann, which is funsies) and so we don't get that many shifts. Fuckers. But I'm trying my hardest to wrangle all of them. Wish me luck.

Ali and I went for brunch before-hand. We needed a good solid meal to get us through. Especially since we were both feeling particularly ill.
Ali's been away in Montreal and in Ottawa (working a car show or something) for weeks, so it was good to see her. A well-needed chitter-chatter.

TTC tickets have gone up. Again. It seems like a month ago they did. It's getting ridiculous. They're losing riders. They must be. Ali was saying it's cheaper for her to drive to work and pay for parking than it is to take the TTC.

I've messed up my sleep schedule and I'm usually awake until around 3 or 4. I like watching movies until very late.

Fuck. I forgot to tape Gilmore Girls and House last night. I've missed House two weeks running now. Ugh.

Oh I'm excited to go to work again tonight. Then I'm either watching ANTM with Paul or going to High Lonesome Wednesdays again with Priscilla and co.

I can't believe I am once again a productive member of society.

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