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2006.04.06 2:39 p.m.

I'm so out of it.
I drank last night on an empty stomach and then got home and went to sleep pretty messed up. I woke up at 8am and couldn't get back to sleep until around 11. That was shitty. I still had the spins and stuff. I wasn't a fan.
But I made fries and I watched Honey. Man do I like dance movies. Even horrible dance movies. I've decided I want to be a dancer.

No, but, if by chance I get some money I think I'm going to join a gym or take dance classes. Or both. That would be hottt. And so good for me. I need yoga and pilates and I think I might like some arobics!

I'm starting to rebuild my life after this bought of depression that I didn't really realize as depression. I'm starting to clean things and organize and make-pretty.
Yesterday I bought a scale and I'm getting back onto eating properly. I've decided. I really have gained a tonne of weight in the past couple of months and it's getting to me.

Aaaand I bought a plant. A hyacinth I believe. I want it to bloom someday.
Risky move, buying a plant. I'll kill it right away. I guarantee.
I have no idea what to do about it and I keep trying to remember about it and it keeps looking at me expectantly.

But Figaro is leaving me soon aparantly so I need something to keep me company.
Oh Figleaf.

Worked again last night. And I loved it some more. They trusted me with a new girl. That's good I guess. And she was really nice.
Tuesday it had sold out and last night it was empty. We made okay tips considering we had no customers, and it's kind of nice when it's slower and you get a chance to chatter with people and make friends. These guys kept coming back to tell me about the game and do the wave for me so that I wouldn't feel left out. It was kind of nice.

I made a stupid error and it took us about half an hour to find it even though we both looked at it around 2000 times. I hate that.

After work I went to silverdollar for high lonesome wednesdays again. Priscilla and Jenn and Graeme were going and P told me to invite Paul and David as well, but it turned out they were already going. So good work them.
So we drank a lot of beer and talked to this woman for a long, long time about relationships.
It was bizarre because virtually all of us (including Paul's friends) knew our astrological charts, including rising and moon. Ridiculous.

I work again tonight! More and more and more moneys I hope.
Then P and I are planning to go see Sweetthing. Because we like to party. And dance.

I hope my plant will be okay while I'm out.

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