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2004.10.14 8:48 a.m.

"I'm annoyed with him for some reason, though I can't recall which. I thumb through my card-file of nasty remarks, choose one: You make love like a cowboy raping a sheep. I've been waiting for the right time to say that, but maybe peace is more important."
-Margaret Atwood.
i really like the book i'm reading. i find it amusing. also depressing...

i'm tired. stupid stay-up-too-late.
but at least i'm a better mood than i was last night. i was overly-cranky when i got home. i wish the show had been more fun..and by more fun i mean, had less people. i'm not such a big fan of crowds. especially sold-out crowds of billytalent fans.
i did really like deathfromabove1979 and metric's sets. they shook it pretty good. d.r.a. is reallyinsane. i mean, i like how different their setup is. metric didn't kill me...and emilyhaines going on and on about how billytalent was changing the world (i know some people think she was being sarcastic...but i really don't know.) made me want to vomit all over her face. and possibly into her mouth.
i wish there had actually been room for dancing. who moshes to metric? seriously. gahd.
and she's hot..but she's no katie sketch. and she's not...that hot.

i talked to the deathfromabove guys after and they were really crazy. like really really cocky and... i don't even know. i wasn't terribly impressed. it was really bizarre. they rubbed my head and my belly and made funny comments..but i didn't really find it funny, more patronizing.

i did make a pretty skirt to wear though..i love days off. maybe i'll wear it again tonight..i'm pretty enamoured of it. who doesn't like pink with polkadots? cause i sure do.
and it's funnier when worn with my pink rhinestone glasses.

i asked this guy outside if he liked the organ and he said 'as in the male organ?'
inside these guys from medicine hat were chatting up me and hillary when we were sitting around during billytalent. and one of them asked what was wrong with us (i mean, we weren't dancing!) and i was going to say 'too many roofies' ..but they were from medicine, you know..

i can't really type this morning..... and i still feel kind of nasty. like mean or something.

and i'm frustrated with people. boy people. oh, wait, that makes nothing all.

but i'm not excited for moses mayes so much anymore. i don't know how much i want to be in more crowds. just irritating myself more..i think i'll just jizzzzzzz all over everyone.

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