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2008.01.08 12:19 a.m.

I did it. I signed up for improv classes. The 300 level, they let me skip up because of studying in college with Allan. But now I'm nervous. Secretly, I'm not terribly self-confident. Not about real-time things.
But also excited. I'm pretty funny............... so................

I made lentil soup tonight. And apple crisp. And watched a lot of TV and did only a little bit of writing. But enough. Hoping to get the next issue of Et Puis? out as soon as possible.
It becomes clearer that I'm happiest when I'm producing and moving. And keeping on top of everything.

I tried watching the new CBC series The Border, but it wasn't my cup of tea. Maybe my brother would like it. I did see an old classmate for about a second on it, so that was good. It's good that some of us are working. Here and there.

I can't believe the writer's strike is still on.
This is so unbelievably Canadian television's opportunity. It's the major Canadian networks' chance to start producing our own content. They're probably realizing that - to a degree, but mostly still filling the schedule with reality junk. Reality is such a waste. A drain. I want more art on television. I want more programming that is about something.
It'll be strange not to have a pilot season in LA this year. All those actors staying home.

I wonder if Canada will ever have a strong TV industry, of our own. Not just filming US shows in Vancouver.
The biggest problem is that we keep up with shows that are crap. And even all the new pilots are crap. And good shows aren't ever given a chance. The only good Canadian TV is being produced by the cable networks like Showcase or The Movie Network, and those shows aren't out there for everyone to see. Because cable is so damned expensive.
Still, I would totally rather have my series on MN, they seem less scared of pushing stuff, of doing really big budgets, of shooting high quality.

For a country known for it's sense of humour, for it's importing of great comedians, we sure suck at sitcoms. I'm alright with Corner Gas, but beyond that?
And I see a lot of great live comedy (sketch, stand-up, improv, etc), why don't these people get more shows? Why haven't we learned to transfer it to screen?

There seems to be only two types of Canadian programming on the major networks:
a) The Canadian type of show -
where we showcase our true Canadian-ness, our true love of bad, easy jokes, and quaint lifestyles. Our politeness and how everything is "fine". Where we showcase Hockey, how small our towns are, how nice everyone is.
(ie: Little Mosque on the Prairie, Train 48 [God help us - what was that beyond-low-budget wreck?], Hatching, Matching and Dispatching)
b) The American type of show -
where we try and pretend that we are actually as exciting and sexy as the US. Where we just totally rip off their programming and just set it in Canada so we can call it our own.
(ie: Falcon Beach, and Whistler [both just exactly The O.C. in poor disguise], Instant Star, The Best Years [that was even fucking set in the US, what the hell? How is that Canadian programming?], etc)

Hmm. I didn't expect to write that entry. Interesting.

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