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2005.11.04 12:02 p.m.

i can't believe it's already november. what a crazy crazy town.

and it's still super warm out.

less than a month until home coming.

yesterday i managed not leave the house except to take out my garbage. impressive. i really should have because it was so nice out. but i was feeling so lazy and whiney.

i mostly just played on myspace and tried to find way to get auditions without getting an agent. so i made an attempt at being productive. kind of.

e-friends are so, so bizarre. and the thing about myspace is that just about everyone has one, from me to beck. you know?
(if you have one and i don't know you'd better tell me.)
and myspace makes it easy to befriend people that you've only met once or twice. it's weird. i like it to a degree - but it's strange.
and it's strange to see how many people i know (that don't know each other) have common friends (who i don't know).
and it's weird when i see them in real life.

melissa came over for dinner. i made pasta and then quesadillas. might as well eat everything in the house i guess.
we listened to some standup comedy and talked about boys.
and then we talked about boys.
and a little about art and life and stuff, but mostly just boys.

it looks like i'm going to have to start dating men in their 30s. late 30s actually, to compete with melissa and alisin. haha imagine if you'd told our little group in highschool where we'd be in a few years.
no, actually it makes sense.
actually it's exactly right.
meredith - in toronto pretending to be an actor, can't hold down anything with anyone.
melissa - on her way to the phillipines, quite taken with an artist/designer/welder man.
alisin - in new mexico, joining her near-husband's theatre company, young jet-setter.
fraser - still living in city park, dating all the pretty girls, playing in bands, riding his bike a lot.
mattdean - living with fraser, has a near-life-partner, has a real job.

oh holy shit, how do we grow up so quickly?

bouge told me to cook dinner for my artist friends. and he knows best.

oh no i just love christmas. oh ho ho no.
i am also scared of department store santas. same vein as mascots.

i scheduled myself for like 40 hours next week. why? oh no no why? i don't like jobs. and i sure hate working.

i'm getting overly-excited to go and see the markin side tonight. i have seen them lately, i know, but it's the first time in awhile that i've seen them headline and do a good full thick set and it will be party all the time.

oh i need to jump and dance.

also, i told p that i'd go to a wine and cheese with her beforehand. with a bunch of christians.
i've been told to watch the cock comments.
yeah, like christians don't like the cock. yeah right.

no wonder people get the wrong impression of me.

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