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2005.11.05 11:02 p.m.

this bit was written this morning before i went to work:

aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit.

quick - what a good hang over cure?
especially since i'm supposed to go work for eight hours really quick here.

that was so stupid.
i am such, such a teenager.

maybe i should have drank more as an actual teenager - then i'd be better at it by now.

yeah, there was no dance party. i didn't dance at all. that's the worst part. i just ruin things.
i mean, getting that trashed would be fine if it were after the dancing, but when it ruins things. that's stupid.

it's clearly fine.

embarassing - oh ho quite. if only i were so drunk that i couldn't remember anything. but not quite. although i don't remember certain parts that might have been funny. like calling nathan. or falling over.
yeah, except falling over is also embarassing, so whatever. but i have the scrapes to prove it.

melissa, ali, and priscilla were all so nice. it's a good thing i don't have stupid abandon friends. i felt really bad though because i ruined everyone's evening.
stupid pukadactyl.

we left right when the marks started pretty much. oh so sad.
and i didn't see any of them because i was near passedout in the bathroom. wow.

drunkme is kind of an idiot. drunk me was thinking it'd be a good idea to get back together with geordie. luckily drunk me was also busy hitting on everyone else.

i do remember when priscilla almost poked geordie in the eye. and when i didn't puke on anyone (i hope oh no).

work was good. i think i like my job. it's just easy and clearly fine. and people are funny. i had a really, really nice man tonight. he made it fun.

i wrote nick a really girly email the other day about how things shouldn't be awkward with us and other girly things because i like to talk things out.
anyway, he did write me back and i'm hoping now that things won't be as awkward anymore.

okay. i really think i should be a rockstar.
no really.
secret intense wish ->sometime i want to sing in a band and be a rockstar.
sure i can't hold my liquor. whatevs.
i'm a hot dancer.
and i bring my own roofies.

okay that's enough for tonight. it's thrown off my day not updating in the morn. but this morning the computer was making me want to barf.

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