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2006.01.15 2:40 p.m.

You know, I think I could actually be pretty happy without a job. I mean, I'm pretty good at entertaining myself, I don't like leaving the house, I hate people, and I'm lazy.
My life would be better if I wasn't commited to the man. Damn him!

Actually, even though I have no official employment, I still seem to have a lot to this week. But it seems like it'll mostly be fun stuff. That's the way I'd like to live. Why doesn't anyone want to pay me to go to auditions and hang out and see plays and things?

This guy in my class, Dwain, just booked the lead in an American film. The lead. That's pretty extreme. Like, that's probably the closest to overnight success. I mean, there's no guarantee the movie will be any good, but it would still be such an opportunity.
I wish I were a hot black guy. I would so be famous by now.

I now have Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all on my computer. But the thing is that they all work better for different things. Well, except Explorer. That one loses. But Safari and Firefox I'm finding pretty even. I like the handling of Safari, but Firefox works certain sites better. How annoying!

I went to Allan's improv thing last night. Naomi came with me. There was a free improv workshop (just basic games and things, about a dozen people were there) and then Allan directed an improv show afterwards. Allan sat with us and hung out, so it was pretty fun, and nice to see him again.
The improv workshop just got my toes wet, and made me really want to do improv again. I should get some money so I could go to Second City.
But in the meantime, I think I'll keep my eyes open for little free things like these. And I saw a posting for an open improv jam every week. That'd be interesting. Probably a good way to meet people.

The people I know with agents say that the business is picking up again. I sure hope so. If I were smart I'd start getting my shit together and get some packages sent out.
Oh, it's all too much work!

This morning I went and auditioned for a student film. That was pretty fun. I like just getting to memorize shit and feel like I'm doing something. Makes me feel like I'm more of an actor.

Yeah...I'm thinking about going back to bed. Sleeping is so hot right now. Or maybe just going to watch some tv.

Someone figure out a way for me to get some money.

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