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2006.01.17 12:34 p.m.

Yeah, life is pretty fun I guess.

I'm getting a lot of traffic from Mairin's friend Rachel's blog. That's hot. I really liked Mairin's friends. And Dirk's supposed to call me, but he hasn't. Hopefully it's not because I said he thought I was a babe. I shouldn't say things like that. I have no proof he thought I was a babe.

Oh my god, life without a job is the best kind of life. Just jokes mum, I'm all over having a job.
Except that I've been having a lot of fun not doing much at all. It's really quite sweet.

I'm working at skydome saturday and sunday though, so that's pretty hottt.

Sunday I sat around a whole bunch. Then I watched some tv. Then I did some crafts and started working on this hot red dress. Except that it's not really a functional hot red dress. Too hot, but it's all open back and shot and slinky and stuff. Maybe for too-hot summers.
We'll see.

Man, Grey's Anatomy is so good. You just don't even know. Dr. McDreamy is so dreamy. And it will never work with he and Addison. No, she hates his trailer.

Yesterday I went and was an extra in a Metric music video. The video for Poster of a Girl. It was a fucking long day, with no pay. But they fed us pretty well, so I tried to eat my weight in food. I did pretty well, and made my stomach pretty angry. Smart!
We really weren't needed most of the time, but when we were actually filming it was really fun. Just a lot of dancing and slamming around. And slamming into Emily Haines. Which was slightly hottt, I won't lie to you. The band was really nice, I didn't talk to them really though, but I did make dreamy dreamy eyes at the drummer for long periods of time, because I was very bored. When he caught me it was pretty awkward. I looked very silly.

The boys from the band came and gave out a bunch of new Puma shoes. But they were virtually all for boys. It was real nice of them though.

I met some really cool kids though. The whole thing got 100 times cooler when I started making friends and starting making games with my new friends.
Verushka and I especially hit it off. That's not her real name. And I don't even know her real name. Best game ever. We just named people, it was the perfect situation for not knowing people's names.

I emailed Verushka my real name, and she's going to email me back hers. We're so cool. She totally danced it up with me and let me do her make up and stuff.

I met these really fun kids who I am now myspace friends with. They were superfun. Especially Francois (Greg) and Peterpaul (his real name - but i guessed it on the first try. whoa). They were the cutest little buddies ever.
I totally had a little crush on Francois, and I felt weird because he's real young. Not that I have a problem with age differences. Except that I do, to a degree. But then he was gay, so we talked about cute boys for sooo long.
Francois and his friend Genevieve said they'll go to shows with me. Super fun. I think what's possibly lacking in my life here is young people. A little less cynism and little more interest in death/cuteboys/self-mutilation/partytime/discovery/naievety. No, seriously though. I know I'm so young still, but I feel way too adult.
Being a teenager is so, so intense. And though I never want to relive my adolescence, I definitely want to enjoy other peoples'.
I mean, I'm writing a damn show about it apparantly.

Me and Verushka are totally going to chill at some point too.
I need more partyparty around here. More house parties and being idiots and lust and experimentation and so on.

Okay, I'm going to go meet with an extras agency. I don't know where I'll get the money to sign up with them..but....

I have an audition for a weird serial drama thing tonight. And the audition involves two monologues and improv. Which I love. So hopefully it's fun. I'm doing a Breakfast at Tiffany's monologue and my teenager one that I wrote. That's sweet range I think.

And I have a callback from the student film audition tomorrow. Although I think the director just thinks I'm a babe, so it's probably just to see me again. Woah, I think I have a babe complex.

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