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2006.01.07 11:37 a.m.

good morning diary.

well, only three full days until i leave. i finally booked my flight last night.
i was at willrobbins' and i checked the fares again - prepared to book it and stuff, but then it turned out they'd put the fares up by 225 dollars to 400 dollars. woah. woah. so then i panicked and threw myself on the floor a lot and yelled a bit. but then he found the last remaining 175 dollar flight. so that was a bit better. it's still a little effed. but whatevs.

i'm pretty resigned to leaving. and i'll spend my time there plotting how i'll be able to come back.

i'm so broke that it hurts. no, physically, it will start to hurt when i won't be able to feed myself. woah.

i've been spending the past half hour playing with the kits. we've invented this new game where i dangle the measuring tape and adventure bats at it and rerun bats at adventure cat. it's so sweet.
rerun doesn' t like to be laughed at. it hurts his dignity.

i should go get a picture of me with gandhi's head. i did promise the marks. they think it's hillarious. gandhi's head in downtown saskatoon..

last year i got seven or eight mixtapes/cds and this year i only one. and that one was actually for supertruck. what is this about!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where are all my mixtapes! where are my mixcds! i hate you.
how will i live?

i picked up pictures i'd forgotten about at mps yesterday. it had a lot of sweet pictures from school. especially of carla. ohhh carla, how i adore her. there's a really sweet one of her jumping. too carla.

willrobbins and i went to see narnia. i love it, he hated it. everything in the world made sense.
we stopped in at the b.s. so that i could pick up my shoes. and drop off a couple of zines for marie and carling. i should have left one for denille too, because i think she'd appreciate it. but i didn't. i'm really going to miss marie, she's really quite fun and funny. she'll miss me too.
willrobbins got irritated because i had to stop and gossip for a bit. whatevs. i had to.
i did actually really like narnia. i mean, any movie with santa claus in it, i'm down. also i had such low, low expectations that it was sweet by comparisson.

willrobbins made me dinner and we drank green tea and sat around. our friendship is still a bit messed, but i have hope. just dealing with him is so strange because he opperates in such a different system than anyone else. and arguing is pointless because i know what he'll say. and for the most part it's pretty rational. but it doesn't change how i feel. and it's too bad that dealing with feelings wasn't an exact science. or something that worked better in general.

i just went and looked up the differences between 'then' and 'than'. i'm going to make an attempt to use them a little better, rather than just guessing.

jennifer just called. and i was glad. it's a good thing there's some people i like in toronto. it's a damn good thing.

oh, i think i'm going to stay home sunday night and pack (unless someone has some party ideas that i haven't heard of), but i'd really like company. so maybe i'll make it a come-and-go chai-tea-lattee party. from say...9 or 10pm until 4am. yeah, i think my family will like that. no, really though.

i'm supposed to go for lunch with killary in a bit. but we don't know where! i think it'll be exciting or us. hopefully i can convince her that we should go downtown, so that i can get a picture of me with gandhi's head.

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