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2004.11.01 9:50 a.m.

wow, i actually had kind of a nightmare. i very rarely have nightmares. this one involved dead animals and costumes and awkard parties. and it even woke me up. along with the phone. which apparantly was for me, but who calls at 9 in the morning? i hope they call back because i'd like to know.

john wanted me to amend the statement about the EU party not being awkward. apparantly he disagrees. highly. fine. i guess it was pretty awkward. but candy solves all i think.

ew i felt sick yesterday. i still feel sick today. and whiney. i mostly just want to curl up. and sleep. i didn't do much of that last night.

yesterday was pretty good though. well..except for me being in a mood as per usual.
me and niki got dressed up in our costumes and went to boston pizza to bother john shelling. niki was dressed as a princess. and i was dressed as a party. this makes us pretty.
on the way over we were discussing our friends being pregnant. in theory. and how odd some of them would look. i said i probably wouldn't look that weird. and niki agreed, in fact she said that no one would even notice that i was pregnant.
i'm fat but not that fat. jerk.

i think we were successful in bothering john. a lot. we couldn't stop laughing. especially at his shortshorts (which he can wear well because of being small in the pants). there was a pidgeon in the restaurant. they chased it around from rafter to rafter. me and niki wanted to order a lot of stuff that we didn't really want first and yell "NOT!!!" but we mostly resisted. mostly. then we drove john home.

we reconviened later on when i was much meaner. i trickortreated hillary when i went to pick up john. she had brought home a bunch of chocolate from work just to give to me. that's a good friend.
i got to see how john doesn't have a couch anymore. now the organ has more of it's own space. and now you'll have to sleep in his bed with him if you want to stay over there.

me and john went and rented a movie but i had to let him pick because otherwise it would take hours and i was having troubles standing. so he picked 'run ronnie run'. because he's stupid.
then we went to niki's and found her Doing Work. but we sure talked her out of that. but willrobbins had called (because he missed his little wiff obviously) so we tried to make him come over too but he wouldn't so we had to go over there. will was also trying to Do Work. good luck. so i got into his bed. because all i wanted to do was curl up. i really like will's room. not enough christmas lights though. he does have a bunch of elliottsmith though. his room suits him so much. i hate it when people have bland personality-less rooms. (like me right now actually.)
fraser called and i talked to him and he knew i was there. like by magic. because we're psychically bonded. in a hot way.
then we tried to watch run ronnie run..but it turned out to be too bad. i hope that john watches the whole thing. it would serve him right. but we watched amores perros instead. it was really really long. but i liked it. in a bizarre, disturbing, why-are-there-so-many-dead-dogs-?, kind of a way. (this explains the nightmares.) it seems like we wouldn't be able to make so many jokes from such a tragic film..and yet.. some bits were pretty funny. but you still just don't get it do you?
john fell asleep at one point and we were all looking at him and then laughing. and he woke up and called us jerks. which we are. but he just looked very cute. and was just a baby. john was wearing a christmas sweater.. but he also takes up a lot of space on the couch, win some, lose some. i've decided that me and john are real friends. i like to make unilateral decisions like that. but i'll never be disapointed to find out what a jerk he is because i already know.
will kept trying to give me away. like saying maybe i should marry john and stuff. i'm unimpressed. i'm not that bad of a wiff..well..pretty bad. but still. it made me sad. i still have my heart set on a wedding. and a nice husband. it seems like me and will should be actual friends too.

i really like hanging out with those kids. a lot. it really reminds me of when fraser, mattdean, alisin and i used to have our family unit. i really miss that. but it is kind of similar. and interesting. hopefully it won't go as awkwardly.

(my mum's putting my birthday hats on all the kittens.)

yeah, i'm really supposed to go to work. silly hillary, no time for working. i hope it's entertaining. i should learn my lines for rehearsal tonight. because women have urges too. and so it is with me, fer you, tonight.

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