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2005.11.10 9:07 a.m.

yesterday it rained and rained. and that is not very christmassy.
i even bought a new umbrella because it was just ridiculous out. i heard the roof of a school blew off in hamilton. can you even imagine? wow that would have been so awesome. i mean, if no one got hurt. i used to pray for things like that to happen at my school. anything to break up the monotony.

which i keep going into shoppers drug mart just to look at the christmas decorations they have. ohhhh.
there's a beautiful mossy green that seems new this year in decorations. man it's nice.

i'd like to remake breakfast at tiffany's. what a brilliant film. no, really. but it would be neat to see it re-done, updated, made relevant to today.

i'm going to have lunch with allan this weekend. he keeps bugging me about writing standup.
oh, i just remembered, i had a dream that i did standup last night. and everyone was really drunk so they thought it was funny. but mostly i just told stories.
i wish i could remember what they were about.

oh my god! i can't believe jess came back on the gilmore girls. no, but for real. ohhhhh jess. he's such a dreamboat. and he's clearly right for rory. no one else will ever be.
they're together in real life you know.
also: why is that girl trying to look like me?

okay, i really really really really really really really really really really really really want to see the lion, the witch and the wardrobe.
okay but for reals.
oh it looks so christmassy and wonderful.
maybe i should re-read the book.
oh god aslan is so beautiful. wait, aslan is god.
i'll name my son aslan.
if nicholas cage can name his kid after superman, i can name my kid after a lion.

okay but it opens on december 9th.

and i also really really really really really really really really really really really really want to go see rent.
i think i'll take my mum though because she likes rent.
and it will be a bonding experience which i will photograph for posterity.

i worked at the skydome last night for a soccer game. we would get huge rushes at breaks but be dead the rest of the time. and then people would be mad that we couldn't serve them quick enough /they weren't allowed more than 2 beers / they got cut off /etc.
it was a little annoying.
especially since i only made $40 in tips. at least it was cash.. which i'm desperately in need of.

i was talking to this guy i have no interest in talking to on msn the other day, and he was irritating me so much. everything was poorly spelt and it was mostly emoticions anyways. ugh.
he's a guy from the skydome and he lives by me and he's all ''whear do u do your laundrey?'
and i'm all 'i don't do laundry. ever.' gosh, does he think we should have a laundry date? fuck.
i told him i have a boyfriend and i told him i have no time and really tired to blow him off..but he's dense i guess.
and then he's all 'i think ur nice (emoticon emoticon)'
and i'm all 'you're just basing that on what i look like. you don't know me at all. i'm a slightly anarchistic feminist who likes to manipulate people and take advantage of them. i get off on correcting people's grammar and mocking things. ' (or something like that.)
yeah, he got offline right then. i'm a bitch.

i'd like to dance?

lately i get distracted by how masculine i look.

i got my mum a harpist. that was nice of me.

i wish i had anything even started for christmas. i'm already falling behind.

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