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2004.06.03 2:55 p.m.

well, so far no disasters. so far. but you know, it's not been two weeks yet. two weeks is fast approaching. i should never have told geordie i was breaking up with him in two weeks. he's pretty worried about it. but soooo am i am. i can't even tell you.

yeah, he's smitten. pretty badly. wow, incredible how it's so much easier to talk about how he feels..

i'm smitten. so fucking smitten..i can't even explain. in a gross gooey way that makes me choke back vomit sometimes. er..just kidding. gross. but actually, i'm not sure where he came from..but he might be an alien. or possibly pure evil. no one is that nice and unassuming and yet funny and assertive. except maybe me.

i know i'm talking about it a lot, but well, shut up guy man, i can talk about whatever i want man guy seriously guy.

yeah, we're getting married. and adopting children and also have ones biologically. and growing a garden. and having dog and cats. just so's you know.

he came over yesterday and we talked about music (as per usual) and i made sandwiches.

and then we went out to the lavalounge. priscilla, jenn, and mattmanna came too. it was fine..except priscilla and i were in bizarre fucked up moods due to bizarre fucked up friendships. and everyone (except geordie) was kind of low energy. geordie on the other hand..has a lot of energy. so much. and i haven't gotten any sleep lately (his fault), and he gets concerned that i'm not super energized. but luckily not in an annoying way (yet).

he danced so much. way more than me. i don't think i've ever met a boy that dances more than me. he was in love with the music there. he says he's going ever wednesday. even if he has to go alone. i really really like that about him.

school's weird when i'm in a good mood. i keep zoning out. (in a hot way.) viv's class was hard this morning. we had to do an interpretive movement of our lives (oohhh yeah, just like i always make fun of.) and i just missed my mum so much. so much.

voice was fun though. paul loves me. just like everyone should. when i'm in a good mood i make far more funny funny jokes..i'll probably get in trouble soon..but i think it'll be worth it. i really like making fun of paul. because it's so easy.

awww. geordie's mum owns a gift shop in whitby. it's called dynes' gift house or something like that. haahha. cute. it's really really annoying that we're here because i wish we were in saskatoon because everyone there would really really like him. especially megan and my family for sure. and i think fraser..and niki..and mostly everyone.

ew. i'm just choking back the vomit. except not at all.

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