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2004.12.25 9:25 a.m.

merry merry merry merry merry merry merry christmas!

i'm so tired. i just want to sleep for a long time. but i do like christmas. and so far it's been really fun.

yesterday was awsome/horrible. the body shop really was shitty. such tense energy and not-fun hurry-up vibes. everyone was being an ass and things kept going wrong.
but the girls brought cupcakes for me and susan got me a bouquet of carnations. and that was so so nice.

but by the time i got out of there i just wanted to fall over and die. serious.
but then i went to winston's with hillary and drank ice tea. that was really nice we're good at buying presents. she gave me a whole book on grilled cheese (what the hell??!!!!??) and the corner gas dvds. that's hot shit. now i can make everyone in tdot what it with me. funsies.
i got her a lunch box with (gross) junior mints products in it. and two t-shirts that i decorated for her one says "i'm the best egg" and one says "i'm looking for a good egg". hillary loves egg jokes.
she's grade a.

then i had christmas with my fam. that was a party. ethan is seriously the best/worst kid ever. and rachel's so hillarious. i made a good haul.
i really like pressies.
we had pie for supper and pie for desert. it was delicious.
niki came by to give me more presents. niki visited me twice on my birthday and so then she wins the friend contest. just so's you know.

then i went straight to bed. because that's all i wanted. and one should get to do what one wants on one's birthday.

i got up in the middle of the night (and the snow was falling and the world was quite and everything was so extra wonderfully beautiful) to wrap all my presents and do my mum and alison's stockings. that was really fun actually. except then i couldn't get back to sleep and i had awful dreams.
then my brother woke me up and i really didn't feel like getting up at all.

but we opened all our stocking and that was really fun. i got a christmas stocking. there was approximatly one thing in there that wasn't christmas themed/flavored. so hot.

right away here we're going over to my aunt's for breakfast/more presents! mmm breakfast. it's always sooo good. like i can't even explain.
then i have plans with niki for later and then a family dinner.

thanks so much for all of the happy birthdays. man do i ever like all my friends so much. i got lots of phone calls too and well-wishes. how hotttt.

i wish i could decide what i want to do for mine birthday gathering (on the 27th). i wish planning it didn't feel like such a chore. boooooo.

i wish that i didn't have to work ever again. it feels so strange to not be rushing off to one job or another right now.
i kind of wish i had more time to enjoy it.

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