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2004.12.26 9:16 a.m.

where did christmas go?

and oh holy hell do i not feel like going to work today. at least it's at b.j. i guess...right? i really want a smoothie. actually, i don't really want anything. my stomach feels like burning.

i hate it when christmas disapears so quickly. dammit. now it's another year until it comes back.
i had a good christmas. there's usually a theme to the presents with my family. but this year i think the theme might have been pretty. everyone got such pretty pretty things. it makes sense because that's what my family is about.
i think everyone made a pretty good haul. we like stuff in this household. we're all about the stuff.

breakfast was so good yesterday morning. so good. you wish your breakfast was so good. and i really like those babies. what crazy kids. although ethan doesn't love me anymore apparantly. sucks.

my brother got lord of the rings risk for christmas.

i'm having my birthday party tomorrow. call/email me for more information, alright?

i'd like to go to steph's tonight but i immediately lost her phone number and address. i'm like that. luckily i see carlan has a new cell phone. how handy.

okay......i'm going. i keep missing out on every family event. now i'm missing my uncle coming up for family breakfast. i have to plan better next year.

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