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2007.01.25 2:07 a.m.

Today's great.
I've come down a bit from earlier. But man was I in a good mood.

So the depression has lifted. Good news!

I might have a couple of jobs. Or three or four, it's hard to tell. All are sketchy, to varying degrees and might all fall through/be awful.
Especially the one where I'm working until about six in the morning on Saturday night. Ugh!
Why would I agree to such business? Because I need the money so badly it is painful.

Well, I've felt like there's water in my ear for about three days now.
Why has my body gone insane? It's very bizarre.

Today I had a job interview at 2:30 at the other side of town. I woke up at 1:30 (which proves that a. I do need to set the alarm even if I think there's no way I will sleep past noon, and b. I should not stay up until five - although this is good practice for the weekend).
I made it there only a few minutes late and still got the job. Hurrah, etc.
I was very, very greasy all day though.

Then I met Miamo at the office. Well, first I stopped off at Winner's where I tried on a whole lot of shoes. Just for fun. I want a pair of blue shiny vinyl ones very badly. If only I were rich! Though those wouldn't be the first thing on my list.
Things I'd like to buy:
- A plane ticket for a babe who I miss (a lot)
- Things for people who've been buying me treats (and groceries!) in my hour of darkness (now)
- Groceries
- Meals out. All The Time.
- A chest of drawers
- more plants

The office was great. We did such a good job. Maybe the best job yet. Last week we barely moved, let alone worked up a sweat. This week we worked it out. Pushed hard, etc. The studio was free and so we ran around and did cartwheels and handstands and spun around and danced. Which is my favourite thing to do. Ever. If I lived in a mansion with an empty studio I would be in excellent shape. Whenever I see a big empty room I need to run and spin and dance. Especially if the room has sprung hardwood floors and mirrors and a bar(re?) and big windows.
We did a whole bunch of machines and I shook from the strain (which was kind of fun) and then we did a lot of rowing, which is my favourite machine.
I don't think I'd like actual rowing though.

I had dinner with my friend Adam tonight. He's writing a movie for me to star in. I like starring in movies. I hadn't seen him in a while so it was nice. We went for sushi and sat for hours talking.
I want to make a movie!
I need to write again.
There's never enough time.

I would really like to meet Allan Moyle. I would like him to work on my TV show with me. I choose him to by my director.

More office tomorrow. And socializing. And jobbing/figuring shit out.
Life's a joke, nothing works properly.

It's two in the morning and I'm good-tired, wired, water-earred, ignoring-immienent-heartbreak, creatively-frustrated, sloppy and I'm going to go make a booklet on why Toronto is good. Because I don't know what else I can do about it.

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