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2004.12.31 4:17 p.m.

i can't stop eating long enough to write things. too hot.

another whole day of nothing to do. kind of. i mean, there's plenty i should be doing. but no actual commitments.

ew my mum's singing along with country music. and not good country music. honkey tonk angels.
i'll be glad to leave.

so, uh, happy new years. that's exciting. i still don't know what i'm doing. i'm sure something will arrange itself. like me following niki around.
or me staying home and reading my book. and sleeping.

last night was better than i expected it to be. of course. the staff party was good and nice and everyone who was there is pretty funny and entertaining. i like that. i was far more sober this time, which was good for a change.
i maintain that co-workers are very weird. i mean, knowing people because of working with them is strange.

i went up and visited john for a while too. that was better than i'd expected too. though we did fight for a substantial amount of time, but you know, i think that's all we've ever done. and it suits a strange way.
we'll not be friends after i leave.
but maybe sometime i'll come back and then maybe we will be. you never know.

telling boys that you're interested in/in love with them is a good way to get them to come to your beer night i hear.
holy god is elicia the weirdest person ever. i decided.

i like sleeping in.

i went to mennonite clothes closet and salvation army today. that was fun. the sally ann had so many pretty pretty jewleries. and by pretty i clearly mean hideous. i bought them for niki. she'll love them.
i bought a hot blazer at the mcc. it came with a matching skirt which is far less hot. far. and doesn't fit at all.
i also bought a bra and a sliptop and...well, i don't remember.

i ran into jeffmorton at the sally ann. that was interesting. what an odd character. we talked for a bit. and looked at the pretty jewlery.

i went and renewed my drivers licence. that's good since it's only the 31st and i had plenty of time. i should have got a new photo i.d....but i was far too lazy.
and i got a booster juice. sonic soy is too addicting. don't try it. it will addict you and then where will you be?
what will i do without b.j.s in my life?

i'm thinking about going to bathe....and get pretty and stuff. for a change.
i have no expectations for this new years...therefore it won't be horrible..?

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