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2005.06.14 11:31 a.m.

dear diary,
today school was pointless. why did i come all the way down here for one stupid, pointless michael-class. i did NOTHING. what a waste of $4 on transit. $4!!! i could buy lots of things with $4.

we got very little feedback about our mockaudition yesterday. we went to jigsaw casting and we all did the same (crappiest) commercial. he said who'd get it and who'd get call-backs. a lot of it was the same but some was different. apparantly she really liked me but not for the commercial. so i wouldn't have gotten a callback, but i would have gotten called in for something else.
and i'm glad because i wouldn't ever want to do that commercial. ever.

i'm tired of boys. i'm tired of things being assumed of me. do i come off as the kind of girl who'd like to rope people into relationships they don't want to have?
maybe i guess.
i don't think it should be assumed that i'm the one who'll get hurt. or that anyone will get hurt.

i haven't had a broken heart in too long.
i wonder if it's possible.

speaking of, hillary said she saw alvin the other day. and that he looked okay. which got me thinking (of course). there's no one that makes me cry just from thinking of them.
i wonder if at some point i'll just be fine about that kid. just fine.
so i wrote him a letter. with just my email address though (i fear him showing up randomly at my door).
i hope that he's doing better. so much.
and if you have bad news about him, just don't tell me maybe.

ew at least things aren't just 'fine' anymore. i hate it when things are FINE.

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