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2004.12.14 10:32 a.m.

it seems unfair that i would be so busy right now. i wish so much that i'd worked more when i first came home so that i wouldn't have to work now. it's ridiculous. i just want to spend time with people and i want to enjoy christmas. but i won't really get to. my next day off is christmas day.

i'm nowhere near done my shopping. hell. and i don't know what to get so many people.

wow, i keep forgetting:

@ louis pub
January 15th
with the junior pantherz, magneta lane, and parades against parades!

please go! serious. if i were still here i could force you into it by dragging you a bit...but it will really really really mean a lot to me if everyone goes and loves them. in fact i've decided to rank my friends by who has promised they'll go.
i bet it'll be a pretty hot show. and you can dance.
and you can make friends with them because they're all really gorgeous + and sweet people.
i'm trying so hard to be so sad about missing it. what the fuck..
and this means they won't be in when i get back. oh sadness.

wow i'm going to miss all my mp3s when i go back. stupid computer. they're artists i only have on here such as:
death from above 1979
cat power
hot hot heat
sigur ros
the constantines
archers of loaf
etc. etc etc.
mmm list.
if i don't get mixtapes for christmas/birthday i will cry. salty tears.

ew i double don't want to work today. what ass.
today: the body shop 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.
my feet + eyes + head + heart hurt.

yesterday felt so long.
booster juice was fine. we had a curler come in to sign autographs. but i left during i don' t know how that turned out.
i'm addicted to sonic soy.

then i drove straight over to body shop eating and changing on the way. party.
it was pretty hellish though. the evening. it just crawled by. we were all exhausted and cranky and no one wanted to help anyone or put in effort.
i mostly tried to avoid customers in any way possible.
i am not a good worker.

after work i got muffins and a slush and went to john's. and we hung out. we were going to finish watching willy wonka but it's probably good that we didn't because i would have just fallen asleep. immediately.
but we did hang out and it was pretty fun.
and i was glad..i need more fun in my life. and i like it when we don't fight. i like that a lot actually.
i've been missing john and being friends with him pretty bad..

all this working has got me looking forward to toronto at least. i'm really looking forward to any time in which i won't work 50 hours a week.
i'm going to have to find a job as soon as i get back though.. booo.
what kinds of places are hiring right after christmas?

i want a subscription to the sheaf for christmas.

wow, everyone's coming home so soon. how brilliant. i'll be needing fresh pants. quite a few pairs..

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