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2004.12.13 9:50 a.m.

where do the days go?

today's schedule:
booster juice from 11a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
body shop from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
party time.

i'm tired of time passing too quickly. although i do enjoy the candy from my advent calendar. though it is disgusting chocolate.

i only worked four hours yesterday. it almost felt like a day off. it was just me and ashley and was really busy and so the time went by really quickly, which i like a lot. and i brought 'ella wishes you a swinging christmas', which is too awesome.
yeah. so that was fine. uneventful.

then i went to giant tiger. i found it by accident on my way to work. i randomly had to drive through it's parking lot. since i'd been wondering where it was that was kind of odd. but it was a good party. there were lots of things i wanted there. i really want one of those shirts with the rhinestone initials on them. hahahaha oh god that'd be so hot. and i need more 'yoga' pants. lots more. forever.
my cashier was the prettiest boy i've seen in awhile. serious. i possibly creeped him out by staring at him. why does he work in a giant tiger? wow, i like how i'm assuming his beauty makes him skilled in other areas.

then i got home and talked on the phone! which was a shocker. you know.

i did some christmassing. that was hot shit. no, fer serious. i did get some stuff done that i really like. and i have big plans! some of the cards i made were quite nice...others..not so much. i like making things so much. i wish i had time to be an artist.

me and fraser were going to have plans but he got too tired. guess he should be up till six in the morning. but hopefully i will see him soon because it's been ridiculously long. lame.

but i did go to the yard with niki and joel and some other people that i don't really know at all. like rochelle and chrissomething and anders. that was interesting. they were mostly a lot drunker than i. it was good though. joel says he's made me a christmas cd. man do i want that shit. i want to hit that shit.

then i drove niki home and then we sat and talked (and by talked i mean yelled) in supertruck for a pretty long time. what a nutcase. seriously.
i'll probably miss her a lot.
though maybe i'll want to pull out my hair less.

man i sure have to get ready to go. especially since i have to organize things for both jobs. lame.
there's some curler coming to sign autographs at b.j. this afternoon, so if you like curlers, have i got the curler for you!

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