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2006.10.22 1:28 p.m.

Hmm. Well, I'm just not sure what I've gone and gotten myself into.

Why do I have to need money so badly? Money will be the ruination of me.

Somedays it takes so little to spoil my good mood. And somedays it takes too much. But then when I finally let it get to me, it's pretty intense.

Work was really hard last night. And really, really long. Now, in theory, it's not going to be that long as a rule. Which is good because ten hours is an extreme amount of time. Especially when I didn't get a chance to eat that whole time and it ended at two-thirty in the morning.
There's a good possibility that I am not cut out for the bar industry.

I came in for orientation and then worked a full coat-check shift. Oh I hate drunk people! So it turns out that skydome does a pretty intense job of cutting people off when appropriate - but beer market, not at all! That's the name of the place, beer market, I don't know if I've said that yet. But it's spelt far more pretentiously and is much more googlable.

Coat-checking in itself is very straight-forward and simple. But it's the people who just ruin it. And also when a whole giant rack of coats fall down end up on the floor and almost knock you over and they lose all their tickets (so it's next to impossible to tell whose it is). Oh the fun! And also when people give you tickets that smell a little too much like vomit and then your hands smell of it too! And you run out of fives and tens and have to give people all coin and they're pretty incensed.
Also, drunk people lose their tickets. Also, I felt like I'd be in charge of my cash the way that I am at skydome; if it's over, i take it out, if it's under I put it in. So I wasn't very worried about making sure that I took my tips out. I felt like it would sort itself out. But nope!!! Turns out that they just keep it if you're over. Even if it's close to a hundred dollars.
Won't make that mistake again.

Which all of this is fine. All of this is fine.

Everyone I've met there so far has been really nice. Really nice. But there's around 30 people or more on every night and the place is surprisingly huge so it'll be hard to make any proper friends. Although one of the hostesses that I'll be working with really helped me out and gave me advice and picked up coats and brought me sodas.. so. That's good.
All the managers are really funny and nice - which is good. Because otherwise I would quit. Except that I can't quit for another month and a half. Bully.
I feel/hope that the turn over there is so extreme that they won't even notice me quitting right before Christmas. Oh what a good worker I am!

The subway stops running around two and streetcar service gets ridiculously slow. I sat around waiting for streetcars for almost fourty-five minutes until I finally cabbed it home. And it was raining. I know, wah wah.
$10 cab ride was worth it. Despite how little money I made.

It's fine.

Now I'm clearly not going to have anything else to talk about.. it looks as if this is going to be pretty full-time. And pretty life-consuming.

Oh I can't wait for Christmas to get over here.

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