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2004.09.29 9:38 a.m.

this whole working thing is really cutting into my movie watching time. i haven't watched a movie in a few days at least.
i have the day off today. that's exciting for me. but i still have too much to do. and i'm still sick. i really should have just planned to sleep today. but i'm so stuffed up that i probably couldn't anyway. i mean, i woke up of my own accord this morning at 8.30. boo to that. i wish i could breathe better.

work was fine yesterday. working with people is weird. i mean, you spend sooo much time with these people. i wouldn't choose to spend that much time with anyone really. but it doesn't bother me, it's just weird..some of my favorite people are ones i've met through work. but it sure pairs up some unlikelys.
it frustrates me to not be great at the job right away. i feel so incompetent. it sucks when it's me holding up the line.

after work i went to the gym and then to yoga. why do i put myself through these things? i really don't like that yoga teacher. she makes it far too spiritual. and she's over-confident and smothering. fine, she's not acutally that bad. but i want to like whoever's in charge of putting me in such intense pain.
i wish i didn't have to do excercise. i remember the days of avoiding it at all costs and laughing at those who went to the gym.

i was exhausted when i got home. i wonder why.. i did finish my book though. and i started the next. i need to read more. i need to read more plays actually. and find at least 7 monologues by the time i go back to school. but i'd like to have a dozen. so that neil can put that in his pipe and smoke it.
i also want to get excercise videos out of the library. dance ones. i wish i was a good dancer. it seems like i could be since i can basically move okay when left by myself. but when it comes to learning things..i like it..but i'm not amazing.
mmm next year we get to learn social dance and things! now that's something to look forward to.

i'm goign to meet niki and travis at the u to discuss play related things. maybe we'll actually set a date for the plays. that'd be progress. i'm all up for progress.
then i'm meeting andrewkeith.
and hopefully i'll see stevedave tonight at least for a bit because i haven't seen her in far too long. and who knows what she's been doing without me.

i wish that i wasn't such a puff-face snot-nose.

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