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2006.07.04 9:07 a.m.

Way too much happens to properly blog about. So I just get mad and don't write. Okay, here's what I wrote on June 30 (about..) and so you can read that for now. And then I will try and write more soon.. maybe after my giant audition on Wednesday.

Saturday night Norman did come over to rehearse the script. We also looked a bit at wardrobe and visited. I went to bed late considering I had a nine am call the next morning.

The backstory to this story is that Norman's cousin, Stan, produced the movie in order to screen privately with his girlfriend and then propose to her. It's slightly based on them, but also not at all. It's a film.

Shot all day Sunday and Monday. Alllll day. Way too much of the day. Mostly in Norman's apartment. Which is very beautiful and big, but also very hot. Especially crammed up with seven of us and having to have the windows closed (for sound). Everyone was a little out of it. Tired or stoned or grumpy. But it was good. Surprisingly hard work. We also shot at Jamie and Morgan's house, at my house, and at a bunch of different outside locations. Shooting at my house was sweet cause it was first thing and so I didn't have to get out of bed until right before people got there.

Stan rented a giant SUV (that seated 8) to drive us all around in to go to all of our locations. I would only refer to it as "the Escalade" except that I only say it like "Escaaalaahhhd". It was definitely not an Escalade. It was a ford something Eddie Bauer edition. This amused me too much.

It was stressful being onset with ONLY boys. Six boys and me. And they were acting like boys. I'm very unused to this. It doesn't make sense to me. And I found it upsetting. Mostly paired with feeling vulnerable as an actor, having to play a leading lady (which I've been told I can't do), being the only one who cared about what I was wearing/ how I was looking (even though it was pretty important to the film)... etc.

BUT. I think a lot of what we got is pretty amazing all things considered. And I enjoyed being back in the mum-ish role, I kept trying to take care of the boys, whether they liked it or not.

I spent Tuesday recovering. Sleeping a lot and watching movies. I rented a buttload of movies last week and I still haven't watched them all. Stupid damn busy life. That's all I want to do really.
Besides going out for a quick brunch at Aunties with Sophia I didn't leave my house at all. Aunties is such a weird place. We went in late and we were the only ones in there and David, other-David, and Claire wanted to hear the gossip of my life.
yeah. I totally want to own a brunch place.

Wednesday I went for brunch at Swan with Miranda and Mark. That was a change. The omelette wasn't nearly as delicious as an aunties' omelette... but it was still good. Sam wants me to pick up more shifts at Big Chill, but I might just take over a couple of Mark's while he's gone. I hate committing to things.

Miranda and I went to St. Lawrence Market afterwards, we got chocolate-covered strawberries and I found many future-gifts for my family (that I will have to return for). I saw some of the best belly-dancing costumes yet and some very pretty blue-and-white things.

Wednesday night was Stan's proposal and viewing of the film. Stan and Karen(the girlfriend)'s family and friends and us all met up at Camera Bar (owned by Atom Egoyan) and drank. Then as Karen was arriving everyone she knew hid in the basement. Karen and Stan went into the back theatre and screened the film and everyone came back upstairs. So that when they came out, all engaged and everything, there was a big party waiting for them. It was a pretty sweet idea.
She cried a lot and thanked us.
Some of the footage is incredible.

Had an audition Thursday afternoon. I had to pretty much cry on demand. I think I did an alright job, quivering my little chin.
The neat part about the audition was that we went in in groups of three, and one of the women I went in with is from Saskatoon. She looked so familiar in the waiting room, and then when she said her name it was so familiar. But I just couldn't place her. Our scene did go really well though, and when we were done she said (in front of the casting people) that she thought I did really well. I don't know if that will go for or against me. I vote: for.
So when I got home I googled her. Turns out she's worked with/is friends with a lot of the kids who taught me drama camp. And I've seen her in a couple of plays at least. What a seriously small world. So I emailed the theatre group that she was involved with to see if I could get in contact with her.
Why? Well, I don't really know. I just think that Saskatoon people should stick together here. And maybe she wants to organize some sweet theatre with me.

Okay, I'm off to Niagara Falls with Ashley and Miranda. For now you can enjoy pictures freshly uploaded via my new scanner/printer (I needed a printer okay. And it came with a scanner. Go to my photostream.

Later I'm going to try and figure out what's making my fridge smell so terrible.

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