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2004.09.17 12:00 p.m.

hmmm. so i did go to my audition yesterday. i think if i can convince myself that i like going to auditions i could have a very fun life. and i had a pretty good time yesterday. for instance, i like picking out outfits and doing my hair and makeup. and i like preparing for stuff in general. the audition felt fine..but that really doesn't mean anything. at all. i'd like to get a small part in that so that i could dress 1920s. that'd be so hot. man i think i would have been considered 10 times hotter in the 1920s. i'm not even joking. that's it. i'm becoming a flapper.

i also went for dinner yesterday. at chianti's with stevedave. it was pretty fun. and delicious. mm chianti's. i have a growing appreciation of just sitting with people. i like it when it feels like there's nothing else to talk about and then we come up with something else.

i watched the oc: obsess completely yesterday. yeah, that name desturbed me. but if there's one thing i like, it's behind-the-scenes stuff. i think that josh schwartz and i might need to be best friends. i mean, he created the show, and he's still so heavily involved in it. i definitely want to have a lot of power with my show. and he had some of the same ideas, ie: don't make the teenagers talk like they're university professors and give indierock artists so airplay. also he said that while writing it he was sure of the music before he was sure of the story. that's so me. also, the cast looked like they have so much fun together. i was so jealous. i want to have a cast so that i can have inside jokes with them. aww.

i went to the yard last night before going to amigos and saw a bunch of kids i know. some of them drinking illegally. that was hot. it was good to see them though. although it sidetracked me from getting to elicia, who i was meeting there. but i found elicia and she was with patrick (a poet-performance-artist of sorts who's touring with despistados and is reportedly pretty good. and who's she's somewhat involved with) and brandon (brendan? brandon? brendan?) (the drummer from despistado). man did i like those boys. they were really fun and i felt completely comfortable with them immediately. that band seems like they're pretty cool. they got a bunch of money for putting one of their songs in a cellphone commercial and they're starting up a music program for innercity kids in regina. brandon was so funny. and so insane. he did remind me a little of me sometimes. he made the worst, most vulgar jokes i've ever heard. and jokingly hit on me for the evening. which is secretly one of my favourite things...probably from hanging out with peter in grade 11. but yeah, he was pretty amusing and he bit me. and i convinced him to give me a piggyback and he carried me for a pretty long time. and since it's my life's goal to be carried around as much as possible, i really like him. i liked patrick a lot too. he was so easy going and nice and friendly and funny. no wonder elicia likes him. and they seem good together..

we went to the show at amigos - illuminati and c'mon. i wasn't soo into illuminati, maybe because i wasn't paying much attention. but i did really like c'mon. they were pretty intense. there really weren't very many people i knew there. it was kind of bizarre. but also fine because i didn't have to make pointless conversation.

afterwards i ran into fraser and some of the boys. and ryanpollard who i hadn't seen since i've been back. he's so tall. and funny. the boys were all remarkably drunk. especially fraser who took the keys to my truck. i mean, not to drive it, just to be a jerk. so i put fraser's bike in the back and drove him home..he didn't even have a helmet and was pretty wasted. then i dopped him off but i wasn't allowed to leave because he'd be bored. it was pretty funny. it's a good thing i love him..

i'm supposed to be meeting andrewkeith right away. i guess i should actually leave soon. and i'm really not properly dressed. aw, well, i'm sure i'll look fantastic no matter what i wear.

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