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2004.11.05 9:08 a.m.

i have to hurry and write so that i have time to watch the o.c. before i go to work because otherwise hillary'll spoil it for me. stupid hillaries. I DON'T BELIEVE IN HILLARIES. except for when they want to spoil shows for me.

i'm in a very good mood this morning. which is kind of silly since i finally watched fahrenheit 911 last night. holy jesus shit depressing. but maybe it's just that i feel better knowing a little more. knowledge is power?

one hundred huntley street is on in the background. this makes me uncomfortable. this makes me want to vomit.
oh jesus shit i hope that niki realized quickly that no one was coming to rehearsal. silly travis.
god loves me and has a purpose and a plan for me.

i worked alllll day yesterday. but it wasn't overly busy so i had lots of time to read cosmo which made me feel quite ill. but it still wasn't as offensive as the sheaf. i think cosmo readers have too much time on their hands. get out there and save the country instead.
yeah. i'm a fat hypocrite.

i did end up seeing constantine last night. shockingly enough we did go to jerry's and get g.c.p.s. i did consider not getting one but he got very upset. but it ended up with him feeling ill in the end, not me. the g.c.plat always gets you in the end.

we sat in jerry's for hours. we always do. things are too fun and entertaining and together we're overly humourous. overly. i like him so much. so much. i hope that we're still friends in years because i want to know how he'll turn out. he's so covered up and playing and still really honest. i feel like we're the same in some ways.

i've made the decision that he's the second grossest person i know. after john. mostly because he was very sick and snotty. and because he has the grossest puss-filled elbow and knee. they're both hugely swollen like balloons. and not in a hot way. not at all.

i like that we're starting to be able to talk about serious things too. and i like how easy it's become to hang out with him.
after jerry's we went to his house and i met his roommate. and we were going to set up his funny toy dj set (dj scribbles mcs some fat lyricals. what?) but we ended up watching fahrenheit 911. it's funny to get two people who can't be serious together to watch a horribly depressing (quasi)documentary. it was just so's strange to see us both so worried. we were both near tears. i hate it when people lose thier kids. it's so horrifying.

but yeah. things are really good with us. and i'm relieved that he fits into my life in a good way. i'm relieved that i don't feel clingy and needy.

i just had breakfast with my mum and we talked a lot about the u.s. and other depressing things. this is not good breakfast talk. no sir. and my omelette was so gross. i should stop ordering non-aunties-and-uncles omlettes. they just depress me.

i'm going to work for awhile again today. to party down. i'm working longer than usual so that hilllary can work less. because she's lazy.

and then i'm going to go to amigos. i think. because i guess i trust the people who say it'll be good. i really like going to shows. even if i know nothing about the music. i love seeing people. and biting them.
i hope this mood lasts.

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