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2005.02.11 1:17 p.m.

i have no time before class. ah, well.

we went to see pajama men (formerly sabotage) last night. and it was reallyreally good. serious. we're all still laughing about it today. i wish it were cheaper and then i'd go see it again. it's definitely worth it. it makes me sad i didn't go see them all those years at the fringe.

just now i couldn't figure out why i felt slightly drunk. then i realized it's because i am. slightly.
we went to alissa's house for early valentine's lunch and then i drank some weird italian monk wine. hot shittt.

the openers for pajama men were also pretty good. it just made me want to do comedy so badly.

we had improv this morning and me and erica did a couple of sweet sweet scenes.
including one where i was 'bambi kismet' and she was 'bambi candi. totally bitten from the two nigels of last night.

allan is still my new favorite person, though seeing paul for a bit the other day renewed my love (a lot actually, even when he petted my head. apparantly he doesn't know the rules).
allan complemented my style and fashion sense today. and then jen said "it's just because she's gorgeous" and allan said "it's not just because she's gorgeous.."
oh yeah.

why were there two 'littlest hobo' references last night?? i thought i was the only one who was obsessed with that show.

made up book titles of last night that i loved:
- put a little christmas in your mouth
- littlest hobo sticker album
...there were more but i forget them now.

it's a good thing being late for class really doesn't matter anymore.

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