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2005.12.11 3:04 p.m.

my updating is bad this weekend. stupid weekend.

i've been in a very good mood lately. i like that. even when i'm sad it's in a good-mood way.
a lot of things are just terrific. and things that are less terrific are mostly pretty interesting i guess.

it's sweet having a day off. i like not doing much. i'm thinking about having a nap in a bit.

work is good. i'm really good at it. when i choose to be (which is nowhere near always). i like a couple of my coworkers very much. carling and i went for lunch yesterday and hung out. it makes all the difference to really enjoy one's coworkers.

the girls call me 'mare' and 'merry'. i don't know how i feel about that. it's kind of strange that more people don't nickname me. especially since my name is long and awkward.

i've been hanging out with charlotte a lot. good egg.
we went to the art auction at the u on friday, and then to amigos. i saw john and met brenna (it's weird meeting people that you clearly know..kind of). i don't think she hates me, so that's hot.
we watched the breaks and a bit of deepdarkwoods at amigos. the breaks were pretty funny..all rocknroll and shit. if i wasn't sooo tired i would have stayed to see all of deepdarkwoods. they were pretty fun. i wish it had been more set up for dancing.
i talked to burke for a bit. there's a few people that i was just slightly friends with before i left and now it's strange to see them...i don't know if i know them at all. but i like burke, so i'll just assume we're friends.

yesterday we went to the sheaf beer night. i was planning on drinking a lot of beer. but i just drank a bit and got drunk overly-quickly. whatever, i wasn't too sloppy or obnoxious i hope. well, obnoxious...and overly-dramatic. who's surprised..
then ryanpollard, charlotte, chrix, dfm, and i walked to amigos from the parktown. and it was the best walk i've had in quite, quite some time.
i know that i kept going on about how much i love this place. but i really, really do. and the bridge last night was alllll kinds of amazing.
it's been crazy-warm and it was icy and sooo fun and slippery. we bootskated around on the rink in the park and we stopped breifly in the victoria playground. too fun. i wish i remembered better.
we stopped in to say hi to constantine at the freehouse and i think we hugged and talked of g.c.plats because that's generally how it goes. but it was nice.

i don't remember amigos very much. i guess i wasn't there for long. i talked for a while to a cute boy named mike, who was just passing through. he would be. he said he was going to toronto and i said he could stay at my house.

ohh yeah, i'm looking for someone to sublet my messy, full-of-stuff apartment for jan,feb,march so that i can stay here. so if you know anyone, or feel like going to toronto for a bit, i can hook you up.
yeah, it probably won't happen. but whatevs.

then i walked with willrobbins and ended up staying and hanging out with him.
i was going to go to carlan's girly slumber party but my feet were wet and icy cold. and i'm a baby.

one week til niki gets back.
then ellen quick after that. it will only get better and better. someone figure out a way that i can stay here for alwaysssss.

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