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2007.08.25 5:48 p.m.

Four months til Christmas!

I always manage to forget how much I hate having parties until the actual party arrives. Then I just can't take it. Then I flip out for a bit then it ends up fun. Usually.

I had my zine launch Thursday night. The fifth issue of it! I'm surprised I've stuck with it so long. While I was in a temper then I was going on at people about how there was no purpose to the zine and how I was basically just trying to jerk off on peoples' faces.
So true.

I'm pretty surprised I got the thing done. It wasn't looking good for a bit there. But I even like parts of it. I've already edited some of the pieces since printing it off, so some of it is already irritating. At least there are some neat photos.

Some people came, not many, but some. I expected no one to show up, so I was relieved. There were some awkward moments though. And I was seriously in a temper.

Dana and Owen were the real troopers. Being there right from beginning to end. Dana even helped me make food. I made an apple pie. I was not in the mood for baking and I'm surprised that it turned out edible at all. But it went quickly, so it must have been alright. Miranda and I got ice cream from Big Chill to eat with it too. Even better.
People got into my collection of wooden flutes. That was a bad scene. It was the worst racket I've heard. At one point the whole room joined in for singing a rousing chorus of My Heart Will Go On.
You know you've been drinking too much when singing Celine Dion seems fun. I tried to make Jo sing opera but she said it would wake all the neighbours. Soon though. I really want to hear her really sing.
Miranda thought Andrew was the funniest person ever. Everything he said she basically doubled over. It's neat when friends like friends.
I got really really tired a ways into the party but I refused to let people go home. I did keep secretly trying to go to sleep though. Luckily I just kept drinking and soon I got my second wind. After Sophia got there she rallied our troops and we went out. Dana put cherry tomatoes in her bra so it looked like she had the biggest nipples ever and she tied her shirt up and painted a fake tattoo on her belly. We all put on sparkles and I wore my black party mini-dress and my cowboy boots. Sophia put on one of my frilly pink night shirts over her regular outfit. We all looked hot. So we took the party to Teatro to visit Chala and Sarah. Tokio and Steph from the rap video were both there as well, BMX girl biker gang reunion! Nathan and Dan came and joined us and even SJ showed up eventually. It was amazing that we were partying at a weirdly fancy bar with virtually only 9-to-5ers. Especially looking the way we did.

I have bruises all over. So I must have had fun.

Melissa showed up at my house randomly Thursday afternoon. I was hanging out with Chala (the first time we've bonded since she's been back from fringe-touring) and the doorbell rang. I refuse to answer the doorbell but I looked down and a tiny Filipino woman with an umbrella to shield the sun was waving up at me, so I went to see what she wanted. It turned out, of course, to be Melissa's mum walking her over here. They're so ridiculously cute.
Melissa is engaged to be married. Whoa. Before she met Todd she was almost worse than me with babes. Just impossible to tie down and it seemed like she didn't know what she was looking for. After she dated Clint for years, I mean. I'm happy for her. Todd seems pretty good. Also slightly insane. And we know how attractive that can be. I'm going to go visit her in New York. I pretty much have to. It's ridiculous not to. I want to save up so that I can go see some Broadway shows. Oh god I think I'd love that. Maybe Chala and would go down there together.
I don't want Chala to move away. At all.

Apparently I got a perfect or near-perfect score on my mystery shop at Skydome. I didn't ever hear about it though, Carla just happened to mention it because it's her job to put all that info into the computer and stuff. I love how I got a letter in my file for not suggestive selling peanuts, but no one bothers to tell me when I do a great job.

It hasn't hit me yet that I'm going home. I've booked my flights and everything. Weird. On Monday even. That's the day after tomorrow. That's so soon.
It better still be nice enough to go to the lake.

Last night I had re-training at ACC which was fine. I've pretty much already lost that job just on attendance stuff. Whatevers. I have ten jobs. They gave us pizza and donuts and stuff and we watched videos and I did sudoku and didn't pay attention. Mmmhmm.

Then I went to a party at Miranda's boyfriend Dustin's house. I knew a couple of people and made some new friends and drank so I didn't even feel awkward. I talked about MCDA for way too long. But it is basically the best party chatter ever because everyone gets so into it - coming up with more ideas and fun things we could do. It stopped raining in time for us to go swimming. I love swimming! Miranda and I convinced everyone to come with us. The pool even had a heater. Dustin's parents are rich. Inside their bedroom they have a dressing room. I want to have a dressing room. I need one, even.

I slept over there because it was too North to get home easily. I slept in the basement by myself and it was very nice. Very dark and quiet. It reminded me of sleeping over at Melissa Klassen's house when I was little.
In the morning we cleaned up a bit and had coffee in the back yard. Then we went for brunch at Victory.

Tonight I'm working at Big Chill apparently. For a little bit.
I have so much to get done for going home that it's ridiculous. But I probably won't do most of it.
Tomorrow I have to attend some auditions for the movie I'm doing with my friend Adam, then I have the last night of my play. And we're partying after that... so yeah. Wow I have no idea when I'm getting stuff done. Huh.

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