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2006.03.15 12:03 p.m.

It was a short day on set yesterday. And I was really glad because I couldn't take anymore standing outside in the cold.
It was for this tv show called Beautiful People, and it was an outside (in New York) scene, so I just had to be a passer-by. Over and over again. Not that I have anything against passing-by. But there's a limit.
Also: it was really effing cold. Super windy and no sun. I got all stiff from shivering. Not my favorite. Not my favorite at all.

But I met a nice girl and we got paired up and got to walk together.. so that passed the time at least. That's what it's all about, finding someone to talk to. She has three background agents. That's a lot. Apparantly most people who work background have several agents. It's the only way to get continuous work.

And I only had to work for 3 hours and I got paid for 8. They have to pay you for the full day because they need you to clear your whole schedule and stuff.
I was happy to go home and get into bed, just as I'd been hoping.

So I spent the rest of yesterday reading The Second Summer of the Sisterhood (the sequel to the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants). Damn it was good. I haven't read the first one in a couple of years, but this one was real good.
I most certainly love me a good teen fiction novel. I just love teenagers (in book format).
I loved that this one had more about their mothers and families. And even though everything wraps up so nicely, I still love it.

Why wasn't House on?

But I did watch what was in its (<- look Deb - possessive) place - Conviction (maybe it wasn't called that..). I think this is the one my aunt Alison was talking about how they wanted to make a Grey's Anatomy style lawyer one. One with the emotional drama as well as the crime-solving.
I'm not sure they're succeeding.
Just because you make some of your main characters do it in the first episode doesn't mean that I care about them. Also: too many characters. Most important Also: Why are all these D.A.s so young and good looking?

BUT I was struck by the photography and the lighting most especially. And then I notice that the DP was Ernest Holzman. Who was the DP on My So-Called Life. Huh. He is very specific with his lighting in a way that I really like a lot.

Apparantly themarkinside won't be on At The Hotel until late March.. but I've been watching it anyway. It is a little slow I guess. Still good-looking.

All I want to do is lie around and read.. but I have a dumb job interview. I wonder how I can convince them that they want to hire me and I also need to not work most of the time. Hmm.

I wish that I could steal Final Draft Pro, because I really want to use it. Why do they have to protect their products so well?

Maybe I'll have rehearsal tonight with the Ryerson boys. Aw, I miss them.

Jeeeeeez. I need some money. Why does everything come down to that?

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