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2006.03.24 1:56 p.m.

No updating skilllz anymore.

I keep having things to do I guess. (Not really.)

I didn't end up working on my tv show with David. Because he's a bad writing partner. No.. but I do need to write. To an extreme. I wish I were prolific. Oh, and also good. I wish I had a lot of terrific output. That would rule.

I did go to the silver dollar room with him and the whole crew though. For bluegrass. High lonesome Wednesdays (that sounds pretty fantastical, hey?). Me and Sarah danced a bit.. luckily I wore my cowboy boots. Very appropriate.
David's new girlfriend came. Though David was swearing that he wasn't planning on dating anyone, it looks like he's been proven wrong. She seems pretty amazing. Really overly-creative and impressive. She was wearing a pretty fantastic 70s dress and a neat cardigan with beads and embroidery.

I called Nathanael to come out with us, but he only got there right after we left. But he called me yesterday morning (well, it was technically the afternoon, but I'd only just woken up) and we went for brunch at Maggie's. I haven't seen that kid in forever, and I adore him, so it was really quite nice.
It got me thinking about patterns of interactions, and how after establishing ways of interacting, it's hard to alter them. It's like I should be attracted to Nathanael.. but he's my bff. Girls he dates are remarkably like me, boys I get involved with are remarkably like him. I think if I just met him now I would hit on him. Funny that.

I got to shoot last night. Super fun party time. The most hilarious part was that there were chairs with mine and Jamie's names on them. I mean, tacked on, but still. I like getting to shoot with real film. I like being measured for focus and light and stuff. It amuses me. I look forward to professional shoots where it's not up to me to worry about continuity so much. I have a tendency to stress out over it.
Jamie was feeling sick and it was worrying me. I don't like it when people feel bad. I think we have a good dynamic, except I'm supposed to be mad/frustrated towards him but he keeps making me laugh outside of the takes.
I feel like I'm still wrecking the movie with my bad acting skilllz.. but I'm more okay with it. It was pretty fun. I like Chris's style because he's so laid-back, that's a good quality for a director to have I think. 'Cause things are always going wrong and everything's always behind schedule.

Two more days of shooting. Today and tomorrow. Then nothing on the horizon! Fuck! Unless the teachers go off strike and then we shoot the Niagara movie. That seems like a distant dream. A dream involving a cliche script wherein I could play twister.. mmhmm.

Well, Ellen's coming around next week I hear. That's not work.. but it is exciting! I might get to meet her dreamboat. Dreamy!

I went to the roof house after shooting last night. Paul and I watched Heavenly Creatures. It was really good. Fuck I want to be a movie star. David worked on his novel and felt frustrated. It's too bad writing is not easier.
Then Paul and I had a bed-in which became a slumber party. A pretty nice one.
No, I really am moving in there though, they don't even know.

Paul has massive amounts of assignments due in his children's lit course. But he hasn't read any of the books for it. That's atrocious! There's some pretty good books too. Most YA lit. I said I might help him with his stuff, 'cause it seems like a class I'd really like. Sometimes I wish I'd taken more schooling.

Mmm. An afternoon of nothing to do then an evening on set. My dream life?

christmas says: (1:47:32 PM)
  heat's not nice for cuddling

niki says: (1:47:39 PM)
   no. terrible for spoons

christmas says: (1:47:50 PM)
   unless you like your spoons sticky

christmas says: (1:47:53 PM)
   oh gross

niki says: (1:48:15 PM)
   yuck pie! !!!

That's right. Yuck pie.

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