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2007.08.10 3:50 p.m.

Jesus time passes all over the place.

I don't even know how to do a round-up.

I filmed that rap video last weekend. For Grand Analog. I think it's going to be super sweet. I got to wear red short-shorts and a lot of pink and white and I got to ride around on a kids' scooter. I did tricks and put my legs in the air. I was the youngest of a gang of sexy BMX biker girls. I earned the nick-name Baby Bam after yelling "BAM!" a lot and humping all over.
Quelle surprise.
All the people on set were great and there were times where we fell over laughing and couldn't keep it together for the shot. Not very professional. At all.
We went out to the island on Sunday night. I had never been out there before. I'm not sure why the hell not. It's ridiculously easy to get to and feels just like being at the lake. I got there, planted myself in the sand and buried my legs. I felt better than I had in some time just sitting there. We watched sheets of rain come towards us from across the lake but somehow they never made it over. We drank beer and mojitos and ate way too much guacomole and chips and lay around on blankets and ran around with sparklers and sat by our illegal fire and went swimming in the dark.

I've been working a lot. Yankees were in town so it was busy but not much more profitable. Tonight is Argos vs. Roughriders and I might wear my roughriders t-shirt. But probably not while working. I don't think they'd let me.

I met with my agent yesterday. He says I need to start thinking about what sort of look I want to cultivate and what sorts of roles I am dreaming of. He also said none of the photos from the last shoot are good enough to warrant changing my headshot. He wants something with more personality, something (though I hate this word) quirky. And I agree with him. His vote on the last name issue is for Boroughs. Or to not change it. I really like my agent. Sometimes I forget and get nervous of him. But he is pretty funny and smart. And he said that everything seemed to be getting started for me (I sure hope so! That'd be neat!) and that he's hearing great feedback about me.

I'm considering cutting off all my hair. Something quirky.

I had an audition this morning. Everyone I know gets an audition the day after they meet with their agent. It's good to stay on their mind.

I went to see two Summerworks shows last night.
Jasmine, which Norman wrote and starred in, and The Gulliver Project, which was all the Humber theatre kids from the years I was in school.
Jasmine made me cry because it was about a mother and I hate things about mothers who are sad and lonely. Norman was great and the script was beautiful.
Gulliver was very neat, it was performed outside in a church courtyard with a very cool minimalist set and projection videos and neat props. Partly completely realistic and partly fairy-story.

After, I went out with all the Ryerson kids, who I haven't partied with at all this summer. We went to Bistro 422 for prize night! Prize night, where all the prizes are more drinking!!! I felt healthy because I was drinking Bloody Marys and so I was getting all my vegetable servings for the day in. A bunch of the Ryerson kids that I don't know very well are joining mine and Sophia's sketch troop. They were being funny and I was relieved. Miranda came and wasn't awkward even though she didn't really know anyone. I like that I can take Miranda anywhere.

I still don't know when I can go home and so I haven't booked my flight. And prices are just going up and up. I might be doing a tiny theatre piece with Norman at the end of the month. You have no idea just how excited that would make me. I haven't done ANYTHING in years. It would be neat to have an event to invite my friends to. I like showing off.

I might go to watch auditions this weekend for the film I'm doing for Adam Jones. They're looking to cast a young me. Wild.

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