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2005.04.04 2:42 p.m.

i've added a characted description segment at the bottom, for those (or one) that requested's pretty unhelpful!

okay, i've seriously had a headache for at least 3 days.
this is silly.

dear diary,
life is still fine.
better than it has been lately, so that's awesome.

school is driving me crazy. beyond anything. it's ridiculously stupid. and since allan told me that the dean is the most corrupt and scary of all, i have no one to turn to and don't even know how to go about trying to make changes.
i guess i'll just ignore it.
try and get through this year.
i just really want that actra credit.

it's getting kind of funny though, seeing everyone get more and more worked up about what shit this whole program is. everyone wants to drop out. and cry. hillarious.

i'm writing stand-up.
it's getting fun. i'm not sure if it's actually funny..but i'm laughing..
i want to stand performing as soon as possible. that way when i (tiger)bomb i can blame it on having just started writing + preparing.
i'm making a whole character/persona/costume for my act though. i want to keep it very seperate from my acting and/or musical careers.
funny people can't be taken seriously.
and i'm a little too hillarious. you know.

yesterday was mine and nick's one month anniversary. since i rarely get any sort of anniversay, i felt the need to go on and on about it. fun! and not annoying at all.
he didn't get me anything. quelle suprise!!
i got him blaf.
and he forgot to bring prom queen back for me to watch.
it's over.

no, nick's actually growing on me. yeah growths.
but i still enjoy him and find him pretty amusing. so that's good.
and i don't seem to get irritated with him the way i do sometimes with people when i see them alllll the time.

nick and i are starting a band called 'elk attack'. just tell me that's not a great name.

we've been hanging out a lot with owen lately. i really like hitting on owen. you'd think it'd get old. but it doesn't! especially since owen grew a handlebar mustache and says '10-4, brother' a lot.
what a sexy sexy motherfucker.
we went to see a play yesterday, the leisure society.
i was disapointed. the acting really wasn't that good.
goddamn do i want to do a play.

hanging out with ellen was really fun. i'm sad that she's gone. how silly. we went to value village on saturday and i bought more clothes that i really needed. yeah. flat out ridiculous. but i did get awesome green pants and a black party dress with fushia crinolin. hot shit.

ellen is someone i can talk to for days on end almost.
and she is seriously so beautiful and so amazing. it blows me away.
and she got this super good haircut, you should see her, she looks like a pixie.

yesterday there was a thunderstorm. with snow.
that's new for me.

i still can't get over how great things were with allan. i think everyone's tired of hearing about it. too bad.
what a guy.

i hate how much wasted fucking time there is at school.

i'm going to steph's house in brampton tonight to work on our musicalpioneers project. fuck, i really don't want to. and now i have no time to work on my uta hagen excercise. i've screwed myself over yet again!!!!!

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