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2006.02.06 11:36 a.m.

my life is falling apart at rapid speed. and i'm in a mooood. a nit-picky, frustrated mood.

quelle surprise!!!

this whole "job" thing is really getting me down. i wish there was one i actually wanted, so that i could go and get it.
i'm getting scared pretty bad. and i never get scared about money.

i think that means i'm an adult.
i am so, so not down with being an adult.

the play that katrina, naomi and i tried to go to was sold out. that was sad. we cried.
but then we were going to go see a movie instead (i had gift certificates) but when we got there we couldn't technically handle how much movies cost. seriously! 12 dollars. i think not!

so we rented 'crash' and went and watched it at their house. their apartment is nice. it's in kind of a fancy neighborhood. where they have convienience "boutiques".

crash was really good. i wasn't disapointed, despite it being quite built up for me. it was so well done and well shot. and the acting was spot on.
thandie newton and terrence howard especially i loved.

then me and the girls sat around for a long time talking about the movie and then we ended up having an overly-long discussion about my tv show. during which i pretty much went over every single plot line/scene/character. it was extreme. but they didn't seem bored. by contrast actually, it seems like they actually want to get on-board and help out. start things moving.

the thing is that the CRTC recently decided to increase the canadian drama requirements on the major candian stations. by about 50% (amazing). this is because fucking stations like fucking global decided to pay for shows like ET canada. and the CRTC wants them to actually have to have real canadian programming.

this is going to be a gradual increase over the next five years.
so now's the time i guess.

i'm trying to round up people in the city (actors, writers, filmmakers especially) to get behind my project.
the more people who believe it'll get going...

so yeah. i'm trying to set deadlines and goals and things.
thinking about setting up a reading/discussion/brainstorming session. with as many smart people as i can find.
get christina, allan, and bougie in on it maybe.

fuck i wish.

fig and i like to run at top speed back and forth across the apartment. i'm sure my downstairs neighbours love this.
we also play with ribbons and strings.
what a deadpan baby.

grey's anatomy was so good. okay, i thought i would stop talking about it on here. but come on. and it was actually a lot like crash i thought. all suspenseful and intense. and plot twists. uh huh.

okay, i have to go apply for some jobs and figure out where I'd really, really like to work and then i need to work thurr.

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