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2004.08.06 1:55 p.m.

my eyes hurt. i hate contacts. and i hate glasses. really i hate my eyes.

and my hair and priscilla said it best with 'i hate my hair, and until i love my hair i can't love myself' or something along those lines.

i went to see the other class's vocal masques last night. they were soooo good. so good. i was very impressed. i hope our class does as good of a job. i'm sure we will.

i borrowed a video camera from the school to make a video for my mum. so far it's pretty entertaining. other people can watch it too, but i'm aiming it for my mum, it gives it a direction you know? i need to film a lot more. i need to get some big chillers in there and the porch boys and especially priscilla (and co.) and chala. i have the camera until monday. and i can book it out again in theory later on. highlights of the video so far have been viv doing her impression of my hump-dance, the boys who talk about wanting to do my mum, and paul chasing me down while staring demonically into the camera. hot.

we're having a big after-party tonight at nathanael's house. just about everyone will be there! how exciting. and viv and paul said they might come. they probably won't but if they do it'll be highly amusing.

oh man i keep thinking about how much i'm going to miss people's so ridiculous. what the hell is with this always leaving business? i'm not a fan.

i practiced my masque for a good hour + this morning, and i feel good. it's only about 30 seconds over and paul doesn't really care unless it's over 6 minutes, so i'm golden. a golden god in fact.

so wish me break a leg..

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